Three objects shot down were private, recreational research balloons | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden announced three objects shot down by aircraft were not Chinese surveillance balloons.

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There's no indication the three unidentified objects shot down over Alaska, the Yukon Territory and Lake Huron were part of China’s spy balloon program, White House officials say, even though they were shot down about a week after the U.S. shot down a Chinese spy balloon off the Atlantic coast. The Pentagon has ruled out the possibility that the objects were from the U.S. government.

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  1. I know that ham radio operators will hang radio repeaters on weather balloons to see how far their signals will reach, so don’t sweat this activity. Let the military and the intelligence organizations do their job and make the right decisions.

  2. My dear sir,

    With all due respect, I must express my astonishment and deep concern over your audacious excuse for shooting down innocent weather balloons using 400,000 dollar missiles. Your claims of national security threats are as thin as the air that fills these so-called “balloons.”

    I must say, sir, that your conduct and justifications for such egregious and wasteful expenditures leave much to be desired. Indeed, such extravagance for such a frivolous purpose is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the antebellum aristocracy.

    But, let us not forget the greater concern at hand. The very idea of using deadly force against harmless objects, no matter how frivolous, is morally repugnant and entirely unworthy of a civilized society. Such actions would only serve to undermine our values and besmirch our great nation’s reputation.

    I must strongly urge you, sir, to reconsider your actions and to reflect upon the gravity of the choices that you have made. We must all be accountable for our decisions, particularly when they involve the expenditure of public funds and the potential loss of innocent life.

    In closing, I would encourage you to set aside your misguided priorities and to reflect upon the ideals and values that have guided our great nation throughout its history. The American people deserve nothing less than the highest level of moral and ethical leadership, and I hope that you will rise to this challenge in the days to come.

    Yours truly,

    Abraham Lincoln

  3. “Due to our giant advertising balloon being destroyed by unknown sources, De Primo’s new and used Spectacular Spring Sale auto extravaganza will be cancelled until further notice'”

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