Threshold for Emergencies Act was met: Commissioner Rouleau | FULL STATEMENT

Commissioner Paul Rouleau has concluded that the federal government met the threshold for invoking the Emergencies Act.

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  1. Please go out and vote… only 44.5% of Canada voted federally… Trudeau is in power with 14.5% of the countries’ support…

  2. Remember all the ⬛T⬛R⬛U⬛T⬛H⬛ our government shared during this fiasco of an enquiry.

  3. Ridiculous!!! Lucki even testified that not all alternatives were exhausted. That means by the definition in the act, that the threshold was not met. This judge must have been paid off.

    1. Freedumbasses got shut down. I only wish it would’ve happened sooner and the consequences more severe. They need ot think twice about causing this level of disruption to the public for their idiotic conspiracy theories.

  4. I knew this would be the verdict, so very predictable. I knew it would go something along the lines of “Whilst the circumstances of this protest were unprecedented, we were living in unprecedented times and governments were forced to work with whatever information was available at the time, blah, blah, blah……this is why the standards of the Earth have suddenly changed and fire is wet and water is dry and why a protest where nobody even threw a snowball is suddenly a reason to invoke the war measures act….,.blah,blah, blah…… nothing to see here, look over there because we’re shooting down UFOs that don’t exist and we’re suddenly not able to find any evidence of”.

    1. @Serpent Vert what if Justin had done what he did for the rail blockades? He could have sent out envoys and negotiated financial settlements. It worked for the FNs why not the Truckers? The truckers didn’t even try to derail trains or block trade for months. Just some horns and bouncy castles.

    1. Feel the exact same way! How is it because those organizations run , part of, and/or mandated by the government that failed to communicate and had power struggles make it justified?? Very disheartening … disappointing and just so wrong.

  5. This precedent has unfortunately set a very low bar for future PMs to call on emergency act to suppress citizen’s rights…

    A precedent has been established and we should be extremely concerned.

  7. Conflict of interest. Get someone who’s more neutral to make a statement. This is ridiculous.

  8. No wonder all the clapping seals walk around with a smirk on their faces. They knew they would not be held accountable for anything.

  9. As a person who attended the protests in downtown Ottawa, I am proud of what I and everyone else did in the face of such disgusting leeches like this in power.

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