Thumbs up emoji causing chaos over its not-so-friendly subtle meaning | USA TODAY

Emoji miscues are often worth a laugh, but they can sometimes get users in trouble because of the subtle meaning behind the graphic.

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Last night my 21-year-old daughter, who goes to college in another state, texted me a skull πŸ’€ emoji followed by a crying emoji 😭.

It was a strange response to a photo I sent earlier that day. (For context, the photo was of me trying to get my head unstuck from a very complicated sweater situation. Did she think I was going to accidentally choke myself? Death by double-knit?)

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  1. You’re seriously trying to tell people how to use emoji? πŸ™„
    If a thumbs up can be used to convey sarcasm while in person, it also can be used to convey it in emoji form. That’s how human expression works geniuses. It’s not “misusing” them.
    So stop virtue signaling and try reporting on something that’s actually click worthy.

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