Tiffany Trump makes the case for her father at the RNC | USA TODAY

Tiffany Trump makes the case for her father at the RNC | USA TODAY 1


Note: Inconsistent video quality from source.

Tiffany Trump delivers remarks at the second night of the Republican National Convention.

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36 Comments on "Tiffany Trump makes the case for her father at the RNC | USA TODAY"

  1. If being a POS were valuable …
    Every liberal and democrat would be the CEO of their own sewage treatment plant…

  2. Trump doesn’t even like this daughter 🤔 🧐

  3. Mary-Kay Nester | August 25, 2020 at 11:02 PM | Reply


  4. Results vs. Rhetoric. Right Tiff. Finish counting the bodies then talk down to us about results. Mkay?

  5. Ahh Man Big Pimpin | August 25, 2020 at 11:19 PM | Reply

    USA today couldn’t afford to not have glitches? Wow pretty sad

    • It’s done on purpose… it’s made to be irritating so people won’t listen…
      Communist PROPAGANDISTS tactics…

  6. “When do I get to have my convention!?” – Joe Biden

  7. I get so sick of hearing how trump built the greatest economy ever. He exploits oil for his own gain, and will steal it from other countries without thinking twice. He’s a crook not a builder of anything.

  8. Wait, Mr bone spurs doesn’t run away from a challenge?

  9. Daddy must have paid her good.
    Her mother is a loyal DEMOCRAT, last seen on the arm of Donny Deutshe a anti Trumper and former Trump pal before Trump ran for president and went loco. She was always Mama’s girl, living in LA with mother Marla Maples. She must have known something about Ttump, she put a continent between him and his daughter after the divorce. And she’s always been a DEMOCRAT just like her mother I guess with enough money you can buy anyone……

  10. Nice glitter crochet shell and pant suit. A bit heavy on the squirrel makeup but interesting white highlights. Artful hair extensions but seriously didn’t know that she bleaches her hair. Disconnect on the diversity of thought speech? But the beautifully modulated voice that delivered it is to be commended

  11. Paul M. Kroswek | August 26, 2020 at 1:37 AM | Reply

    OMG Tiffany is just as bad as Eric????

  12. Lmaoo

  13. Video quality is poor!

  14. How big is this family?!

  15. Gotta keep that allowance coming

  16. Phoebe Ann Moses | August 26, 2020 at 8:59 AM | Reply

    🍎 🌳 👄 🐂 💩

  17. Who???

  18. Throwback Channel | August 27, 2020 at 9:58 AM | Reply

    I thought Tiffany was the good one. She has to choose a side. If she choose to our side, my thoughts about her will be the same. But if she chooses her dad’s side, then I will have no problem treating her like the rest of her family and Trump supporters as villains and traitors.

  19. She has really come into her own. She knocked it out of the ballpark!

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