TikTok trend sees people kicking in strangers’ doors

An Ont. woman caught a person kicking her door on camera, and it's part of a social media trend.

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  1. Charge every last one of them with break & enter! One of these times the home owners are going to be out of town. A “stupid kid” will kick in their door, run away… But than,_ their house _will_ be robbed. Why TF are these trends _so_ destructive & pointless?

    1. The society we have now is a vastly different one in comparison to say….35 years ago. We have been taken over by baboons with no brains, immortality and a society of pompous crybabies

  2. 🚨❤️🎡Saludos llegué temprano mi gente Bella cómo están?📺🎥🎞🍿🙋🏻‍♂️👍🏽

  3. Not one post about the girl that was kidnapped in her own car in Alberta

    Was it because it’s a future doctor/spaceship engineer…🤔

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