Tim O’Brien: Cy Vance Has ‘Much More’ Than Trump’s Tax Returns | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Tim O’Brien: Cy Vance Has ‘Much More’ Than Trump’s Tax Returns | Deadline | MSNBC


Bloomberg Opinion senior columnist Tim O’Brien explains what the investigation into Trump’s finances could look like now that Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance is in possession of the former president’s tax returns. Aired on 02/25/2021.
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Tim O’Brien: Cy Vance Has ‘Much More’ Than Trump’s Tax Returns | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Mary Jones I doubt if Trump will actually go to jail. He and his -GOP- QOP enablers will turn it into a political issue.

    2. @꧁F҉S҉M҉꧂ Yeah we’ve seen enough of them, They need to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. No one is above the law!

    3. What does Biden have to hide.
      Have you seen Cuomo? If the Dems do anything illegal they try to sweep it under the rug.
      Cuomo has been desperately trying to kiss up to Biden.

    1. If Trump is ever deposed, he’ll be jailed for lying under oath, a criminal offense. Trump cannot stop himself from lying.

  1. Hope they can throw him in prison for years. Nobody deserves it more. He should have paid for all of the COVID deaths and the riot.

    1. Amen, it’s been a nightmare, and 74 million Americans said yeah 4 more years, I question some of my fellow Americans, WTF?

  2. For a guy who tried to be a mob boss, he should’ve never had ran for president. What if John Gotti ran for governor of NY.
    Trump put himself,his business, his taxes, and his family out there to be looked into. Stupid

    1. @Mau Allen Well, I can promise you this……for anyone outside of the USA, he doesn’t posses any of this “magnetism”. We are all fully aware that he is a complete moron.

    2. @Nathan Foleney why are you talking about Hillary. This is about a guy why has over 500, 000 deaths on his hands. If you don’t agree you must not have lost anyone to Covid. Just saying

    3. @Elizabeth Huntley Elizabeth, the irony is so obvious, the way you phrase it, even his winning the presidency will turn out to be another of his losses. The guy can’t win at winning.

    1. i think got to caught in the power of the presidency to realize that i think he blames everyone else for betraying him for not fixing the election. otherwise he wouldnt be looking at running again.

  3. Do not let this snake get away from criminal charges and indictments. It will mean DT will never ever be able to a government position state or federal in our country again. Just desserts are coming for him and anyone close enough to be tricked into thinking they are above the law.

  4. Before they take all his money away from him would they make sure there’s enough left for Mary please? 🙂 She deserves it as he stole her rightful inheritance.

  5. This is what happens when ya cook the books mafia style. Trump’s in deep. Good thing he likes the color orange!

    1. @Spider Taylor He is an egomaniac that thinks he is above the law, he can do and say anything with no consequences, he is smart enough to know that intimidation can get him farther than trying to convince people, just look at all those congress and senate cowardd.

    2. @Jose Jimenez Those Republican Congressmen weren’t intimidated, they jointly agreed to take whatever Trump had to offer, which meant them climbing the ladder and maybe profiting financially. If Trump gets caught threatening any prosecutor, we will see how untouchable he is.

    1. @Mark Eldridge those of us who followed Mueller learnt a lot. We learnt that flynn, stone, mannafort and a host of others were indicted, convicted, jailed and then pardoned by their ringleader. We learnt that the probe ran at a profit once the fines and taxes due were recovered.

      We learnt that there was a lot of contact with russian operatives but also the trump campaign was too dumb to make use of it but that there was foreign interference on behalf of trump’s campaign.

      We learnt that, but for the doj memo on charging a sitting president trump would have been indicted. We learnt that payments to Michael Cohen to pay off Stormy Daniels were corrupt but individual one was not charged.

      We learnt that Bill Barr is a manipulative partisan liar.

      You on the other hand have not learnt a goddam thing.

    2. @Mark Eldridge In your dreams Mr Ride Trumps little golf balls. You’re angry and a losing troll/// knowing what’s coming down the pike for your Con man In Cheat. And you can’t stand it ! Astral Project yourself back to reality Dream Merchant.
      Your lashing out whimpering and whining isn’t going to help change Trumps self created down fall to incriminate himself for prosecution. You’re a light weight that Trumps weak mind has played tricks on your weaker manipulated demented mind. You’ve already shown that you’ve blown a head gasket and you’re unstable mentally. Chill, go self medicate with a cigarette or something !

    1. @meetpoorfor crowinsfo I’d rather see him jail but I can’t understand how he Graham and mitch McConnell are still alive

    1. He’s broke and in debt, NY TIMES exposed that before election, no denial from trump, said I’m overleveraged, he plays a shell game.

  6. Only the little people pay taxes, isn’t that what Leonia Hemsley said and look where she wound up so why should Trump & Co be any different.

    1. Thats what im hoping for as well. I know he’ll have these cases run down to house arrest for a couple of months. But will the judge write it in the books as a felony. Thats the real question

    2. No part of the constitution prohibits a felon from contesting in an election, or holding office.
      He could no longer vote, but yes he could run.

      Eugene Debs ran for president in 1920 from federal prison…

    1. Cuomo is going to get impeached.
      Biden is the biggest disaster ever. The only people that benefit from Biden is China.

  7. Intent is there. Vance has to nail it down. Trump has been escaping justice his entire life. Will he be able to do it with the SDNY?

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