‘To Defund The Police Right Now Is Absolutely, Positively Insane’ : Minneapolis Resident

NBC’s Shaquille Brewster reports on Minneapolis’s push to defund the police department following the death of George Floyd. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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‘To Defund The Police Right Now Is Absolutely, Positively Insane’ : Minneapolis Resident


  1. Defunding the police isn’t going to break the Blue Code that mandates all cops stick up for one another, even if they happen to murder someone by accident.

  2. Is “fund differently” not a better slogan? I mean…. More emphasis on dealing with mental health and de-escalation training instead of weapon training?

    1. Yes. I guess that wouldn’t fit on the signs or something. It seems it would have prevented this semantical nonsense.

    2. @Scott Parr

      I mean I’m not a marketeer or anything but surely there’s a better slogan…….. But yeah.

  3. “Our infastructure is crumbling, we need funds to fix it!”
    “Our policing is broken, fix it by taking their money!”

    This is why the entire concept is illogical. It’s for political points and nothing else.

    1. Producing successful federal policy is a complex and time consuming task which Democrats still do-using facts and science, but Republicans have stopped doing. Why try to govern when you can just gaslight your base?

  4. They are only in any danger when it comes to Black and Brown people, anyone other can be escorted out calmly, stop for coffee and only having a bad day. Unbelievable. Only fear for their lives when it comes to people that don’t look like them. We should all know where they really got their training.!

    1. @buddy guy how are you not going to call him out on his hyperbole? All the people dead who didn’t listen to the police and instead actively worked against them and you are just sweeping that under the rug in your mind in favor to say that all black people get shot for the smallest offenses.

      A proper movement would have said change the police and then made sure that their message for exactly what changes should happen were heard. Instead we got defund the police and then the media has to keep running circles around it instead of admitting that defunding the police would naturally cause more crime.

  5. We MUST restructure “defund” the police and hold them and their unions accountable for the abuse of power and obstruction of justice!

    1. You must not live in Minneapolis. If you did, you’d understand what a catastrophic failure the idea of it has brought to our city.

  6. The “defund” term means taking away police money for tanks, APCs, and fighter jets. They’re NOT paramilitary. They ‘re supposed to be COPS.

    1. LMFAOOO since when did police departments have fighter jets and tanks ? Do you mean a… bearcat 😂? Which is mainly used to S.W.A.T. And that’s somewhat like military work. Also, you do realize that some police departments require somewhat of military experience so with that being said, most of these officers who patrol YOUR streets are not normal people, they’re ex military officers.. do some research my guy-

  7. When an environment is created that leads people to believe they’re exempt from complying with police directions after being caught engaged in probably misconduct – who could possibly be surprised that the ranks of police would thin right out?

  8. They need to DE-FUND every police department in the whole UNITED STATES and get rid of all those RACES soldiers on the force. 🙄🤔

  9. Take measures like we in Colorado are doing. Colorado SB 2021-62 needs to pass. We took qualified immunity away.
    Time to take their cash cow away…

    1. take qualified immunity away and there will be no need to defund the police… they will just quite… then chaos will be the norm

  10. Better training, more intense pre employment investigations, more focus on forensic investigations to catch possible offenders prior to an event, yes I know 1984 big brother, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    1. @Paul Wilson no, not majority report, here in Australia it takes a lot to get a gun licence, mental health check, previous violence, not thought crimes, but if you hear rhetoric, see odd things, look at the guy they found with all the planning, equipment and guns found in his flat, luckily before anything happened, would it not be better to be wrong but check, i wouldn’t mind that, if it saves other peoples lives, education and intensive training are the keys, it’s one option I think

  11. Lol they put in the headline the opinion of one man. They should have asked him then what is the solution?

  12. Hey abolishing Qualified Immunity sounds good! Oh and the police union gone too awesome! Look into gangs and brotherhoods amongst the “apples.”

  13. ” Qualified immunity ” that’s the key.
    Remove it from all government personal, make them pay for their own lawyer’s and insurance and taxes.

  14. How about drastically retraining the police and putting funding into mental health and community services also… why can’t it be both instead of one or the other??

  15. I’d guess 1 month of school for 50 officers would cost about as much as one new fancy gun/other piece of equipment for one officer.
    The meaning of “defund the Police” is not quite clear for a lot of people it seems…

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