To do or not to do?


There is more than adequate commentary about what is wrong with the
country.. The question for Dominican citizens and patriots is what are we/you
going to do about it?

There are a number of persons who are doing something beyond talk..Lennox
Linton before the IPO Commission, UWP led protest, court action vs wrong
doers, Jerry Brisbane with his disclosures on aid, contracts ..and softer
actions ..remittances to families to assist in the economic decline.

The country is in a crisis.. Our institutions seem to be asleep. Where are
the police and other protectors of our democratic rights and the keepers
and executors of infringements of the law and the constitution..

Sir Brian Alleyne gave an exposition of what should be..But we are to
examine what is and how far we have gone astray and citizens/ patriots must
devise/act/support all legitimate actions to stop this corrupt and unlawful
conduct by the political directorate..

The citizens protest/ demonstration this morning was fully justified and is
a step in the right direction ..never mind the protestations from the
administration's acolytes like Tony Astaphan, Parry Bellot et al..They are
becoming increasingly irrelevant with their rationalizations and spins (more
appropriate for cricket).. and I expect soon they will be heading for the
bushes if they have not already started to do so with the emerging charges
against another of their members Stephen Isidore .. I understood Mr Isidore
is having difficulty getting an attorney to represent him even with the

C A Shillingford

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