Today’s The Day The Trump Organization May Learn Its Fate 1

Today’s The Day The Trump Organization May Learn Its Fate


Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey, former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance, and former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI Frank Figliuzzi discuss today’s deadline for the Trump Organization to argue against charges
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    1. @Chopper why are you so obsessed with President Biden? Because your guy can’t let it go and admit he lost? Fairly

    2. @Cindy Abraham Keep whining, crying, and obsessing over Trump, meanwhile DeSantis is your next President.

      (And he loves America too, which really burns you libs, doesn’t it?)

    3. @Chopper who else could it be. You trumpets are obsessed with what about somebody else. Can’t imagine who else you would be talking about. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Good try to make me look foolish though. It only turns the table on you. Try again, maybe you can catch someone.

    4. @Cindy Abraham Always have to bring Trump’s name up, don’t you?
      Well, knowing his personality, he just LOVES the fact that you are still obsessed with him and can’t stop thinking/talking about him. I’m sure he would send his thanks for keeping his name relevant.

      DeSantis 2024!

  1. For his stupidity weisenberg’s not going to ever see the light of day again. Probably both of his sons are going to be joining him. Not to mention Trump Org is going to be bankrupt and they ain’t digging themselves out of this hole.

    1. Well first, I’ll clarify his last name is spelled weisselberg, not weisenberg. Second, charges haven’t even been filed yet. The left keeps pushing for these investigations that SOMETHING will come up. Each time it’s a joke. They couldn’t touch Trump, so now they go after his organization. What next his family? When are people going to just take the L. You can’t just sue away political opposition.

    2. Sounds like the same kind of threats made when the liberals were running the Russian collusion scam on the country…..

    3. Trump gave Weisselberg tuition for his grandkid.
      & you think he’s “never gonna see the light of day ” Lmao

  2. Corrupt and incompetent don’t make good business partners. Eventually you’ll fail at even corruption.

    1. the NYC corrupt DA will get nothing from nothing. This is democrapic vendetta signifying nothing.

    2. You don’t investigate the Billionaire that’s in politics, you investigate the nobodies’ that go into politics and become millionaires. BIDEN for instance, and PELOSI for another instance.

    3. @Kenneth Wimer it’s a very good thing Trump is just a millionaire and new to Washington. Seems like the perfect target, according to you.

  3. The reason that the wheels of justice move soo slowly.. is to allow rich people the TIME to navigate out of the way of those wheels

    1. @Elliot Carver Hillary and the media have the same agenda and it’s not journalism or Justice…

    2. @Alperic27 Here’s a liberal dimwit who wants you to believe she’s not excited about the new racism shown by her democrat party…

    3. @Bill Robbins I remember Jimmy Carter had to sell his peanut farm to avoid conflict with emoluments clause. This clown said he would divest himself then just didn’t. Nothing happened as it should because he didn’t and doesn’t gaf about norms or rules or laws, he’s lived as an untouchable elite his whole life and I hope it ends. Probably won’t but it would be nice

    4. @Don Bianconi yes, he made out like a bandit all those years not paying taxes. Gets in as president and tries to destroy this Country. Wonder what kind of hold Putin has on him?

  4. What’s the word from Mar-A-Lardo?
    Alan who? I never met him although I hear he really likes me…

    1. @Pat Melton No, I make perfect sense. You just don’t get the references, which means you are underinformed.

  5. The ones that are really really close to trouble or so terrified to turn on him I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they fear for their lives

  6. Please remember the idea of creating “Corporation” was designed to protect the rich. If a poor person commit a crime, he is responsible. But if a rich person commits a crime, there is no problem, because the “corporation” is responsible…!!!…

    1. @The Ultimate Reductionist do the the rest of us a favor and reduce the world’s surplus population. But start with what’s in the mirror.

    2. @The Ultimate Reductionist That’s exactly what the criminals do…they incorporate themselves…!!!..Don the Con had learned the trick from the criminals. The system is set up to protect criminals.

    3. It’s not to protect the rich, it’s to protect people that work for that company in general. The same with LLC’s. Working for any company, you come in contact with many people, looking for your goods or services. You can at any point be sued or have some charges brought against you. And most people don’t have the resources to protect themselves against liability. For example, pest control, say you spray chemicals, and it rains and pushes the treated soil down to where a vegetable garden is, someone eats the vegetables and get sick and decides to press charges. The company protects you from liability. Same for pretty much any job, and any profession. So quit spouting nonsense.

    4. @Leo Redfield What he says is true. It’s an easy solution, 90% of jobs provide some form of limited liability, or protections for employees. Also, if your going to insist someone kills themselves, by all means, you first. We’re all watching.

    5. @Monkey D Luffy I’m not sure where you getting your numbers from but 90% of jobs do not provide benefits, there is nothing that requires them to do so. But If that were the case the ACA wouldn’t have come into existence. These numbers can be checked with the labor bureau. As far as recommending someone off themselves. Well I’m not wrong you leeches are a burden on the tax payer.

    1. Here’s a liberal dimwit living in his mother’s basement watching reruns of the old Apprentice show….

    1. @Chopper : I’m an EX Republican voter because the party’s values have been corrupted by shameless self interested individuals who, in their pursuit of power for its own sake are damaging the country. As for Trump, I don’t like criminal liars. It will likely take a decade or two for the stench of this mess to clear if it ever does. That will involve some of the worst offenders like McConnell and Trump being hauled to their graves.

  7. “Fate” What a joke. Today Trump will learn if he will mount his defense and then sue. Just another court battle in his mind. Fate has nothing to do with it. We all know if there was actually a real crime the NY AG would be proudly posing for pressers all day and all night.

  8. They’ll likely resort to their tried and tested method of stonewall, stall and delay until the lawsuit exceeds the statute of limitations.

  9. We’ll know soon enough whether the American legal system can actually hold the powerful and privileged to account.

    1. See thats the problem people don’t get, it’s not about what you or other people think. A fair trial, based on an unbiased jury, and evidence based. Your already leaning to the Trump organization being held accountable for something. What we will know soon enough, if this is just another ridiculous, baseless investigation.

    2. @Monkey D Luffy _”Your already leaning to the Trump organization being held accountable for something”_

      Well, first of all, it’s “you’re”, and secondly, we’re not the ones leaning for them being held accountable to anything. The ones with such leanings are the legal entities that felt like there were things there worthy of investigations. We’re just here watching the show.

      _”What we will know soon enough, if this is just another ridiculous, baseless investigation”_
      Well, it seems as if you have your own biases toward believing that there’s nothing there, and just like the rest of us, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

    1. @harry lazard He watches Fox News, eats fast food, and hires prostitutes probably about once a week

    2. @Marsh Wetland Hopefully, what he is doing is to pick up documents and drop them off at the prosecutor’s office.

  10. Today is not the day. This headline has been running for months with nobody being held accountable. I’m losing patience and hope.

  11. Here comes the bus again 😅
    Room for one more underneath
    ” I don’t know him , I barely met him , he used to cut the grass , he was a very nice boy “

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