Tokyo Olympics 100m & 200m 1-2-3 Vision for Jamaica | TVJ Sports Jamaica - July 7 2021 1

Tokyo Olympics 100m & 200m 1-2-3 Vision for Jamaica | TVJ Sports Jamaica – July 7 2021


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  1. Lmao a real meds but I have to see all races first. But I’m gna make my bet. I said this already Steven Francis always find a surprise almost every Olympics and rn this 1 is sherika Jackson she is gna create some upset. But I’m on the ShellyAnn wagon from 2008 until now and I’m a MVP fan. Some how I still see ShellyAnn as an mvp athlete, well the 200 I think we can get 2 out of the 3 medals.

  2. Listen, when I need laughter I just check the Maverick Yup mi vision it tooo a repeat of 08 only better

    1. My frens and I look forward to Maverick suit. Mi convince dem have material in di studio an as him come in dem mek suit fi him. Check dem out daily

    2. I had that 1.2.3. conversation for 100m &200m after I watched our trials with my sisters…..yes man I swear they are custom made…

  3. Women Sprinting in Jamaica and the world, has come a far way… Who would ever thought tht the women Sprinting would be THE event of Tokyo 2021

    1. @kyngNick Not without Shacarri. And just how are all dismissing Gabby Thomas? I don’t get it at all.

    2. @Eric Dawson he’s talking about the 100M. Gabby did not make the 100M individual team. She’s running the 200M and the 4X100 relay

  4. Jamaica can put up the top 10 sprinters in the world. They are unbeatable. They are the new East Germans

  5. Hahahahaha!!! Is this man under rated??!! He seems to have gotten even funnier!!! I’m going to go look for a compilation o di man Tracy!!!

  6. By the way, that vision may not be that far fetched!!! The more JA runners there, the better!! But watch out for silent waters, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, reigning World 200m Champ, Dina Asher Smith in both events!!!

  7. You’re too late, I’ve called a clean sweep from the get go. Lol we are all praying for a clean sweep like back in Athens.

  8. Gaby Thomas is on that good stuff, but she has to be the favorite after running the second fastest 200 in HISTORY at the trials. I would love to see her get beat, but not rating her is a mistake.

    1. @Marlon Miller america track different from the rest a whole they always run fast until they run with a jamaica oN the dame track

    2. @IG Outlawz If that was the case we would have seen that kind of time a long time ago….stop with the B.S and stop underestimating people; that puts false pressure on the athletes

  9. I love how people pretend gabby Thomas does not exist; I thought it was mainly the American fans that were too overconfident but I guess you can say the same for most other top sprinting nations.

  10. There is simply no denying that Jamaica produces the fastest Sprinters in the world.
    The men for over a decade dominated, now it’s the women taking center stage.
    The men’s Sprints are a lot more diverse. With Simbine, and Degrasse and Bromell and Baker… It’s wide open.
    But as for the women, Jamaica has that firmly in place. It’s too bad Sha’Carri is banned because that would’ve made it more interesting.

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