Toll Rates Increase at Midnight; Bus Operators in Jamaica Lament | TVJ Business Day - July 2 2021 1

Toll Rates Increase at Midnight; Bus Operators in Jamaica Lament | TVJ Business Day – July 2 2021


As toll prices go up at midnight and gas prices at an all-time high in Jamaica. Transport operators continue to lament the need for a fair increase now we spoke to a few bus operators who use the tow daily from Mandeville to Kingston now they say with the increase the journey is simply not worth it.

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  1. But All Now Wages Can’t Raise Ya’ll Should Be Ashamed To Even Come On TV With This BullThe People Ain’t Hungry Yet Just Wait Ya’ll Soon Get What Unno Ah Look Fah From Poor People Gwan Enjoy

  2. In Canada a thing call transponder you buy it from the Toll Company and put in over your windshield and whenever you drive on the tool you get a bill and you pay a monthly payment but I think Jamaican is too way beyond I’m sorry for the bus driver them in Jamaica it sad

    1. sorry my friend it’s a one world noone is behind they have something like that here but that’s not the issue now everything s raising and the pay not so that’s the big problem

  3. One time in a Jamaica young boy voice a grumble from him reach 11…now adays young boy dem voice soun like a stuch up town girl weh nuh eat yam, dasheen, potato or drink sugar and wata…different times boy..

  4. They’ve been collecting $500 from three miles was building from about 2018 on Mandeville route not 450.

  5. The govt doesn’t care about jamaicans. The prefer if the small bus operators fail so that they can one day, allow large private bus operstors to take over

  6. It’s mess up everything in Jamaica a go up but we pay is not going up smh poor poor and more poor

  7. There should be a return fee on the toll. Return same day only pay one way. This will give insensitive for greater use and help transportation vehicle to cut costs

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