Toobin ‘baffled’ by DOJ statement on travel mask mandate ruling

CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin reacts to the Justice Department announcing it will appeal a court ruling that struck down the federal government’s mask mandate for travelers, but only if the CDC determines the mandate is still necessary to protect public health. #CNN #News


  1. Jeffrey toobin Was so mad At the DOJ he sat in front of his computer all day long shaking his fist.

  2. You would’ve thought that they announced no one is allowed to wear a mask on a plane. People just love their power trips.

    1. @Kikeordaz Martinez It should absolutely be a choice, just like it’s a choice to put yourself in that setting in the first place.

    2. @Kikeordaz Martinez Those aren’t citizens, they don’t have the same rights that we have according to the constitution. Illegal entry into the US is a crime, I shouldn’t have to say that but people like you exist.

  3. I am so damned tired of health directives being promoted according to political bias. Health issues belong to those we put in position to advise us, and that judge is a legal voice, not a health expert.

    1. Mandates aren’t laws and we are tied of people over stepping their powers. If you want you can wear five at once but have no right tell others what to do.

  4. This is the guy caught giving himself high fives in a meeting right? Not shocked CNN hired him back 😂

    1. Snapping the radish
      Spanking the Monkey
      Peeling the Carrot
      Jerkin’ the Gerkin
      Skinning the Sausage

  5. I have to hand it to Toobin. He has a real grasp on the situation. Most CNN anchors Zoom from one topic to the next. Toobin uses his tool often to captivate his unwitting audience. Luckily, Toobin came at the right time. Different strokes for different anchors, I guess.

  6. Everyone is “baffled” how toobin got his job back, but if it would have been me and i had to do what he did on his “welcome back” segment, i would have got up and walked back out of the studio. It’s clear that toobin lacks self pride or a spine.

  7. Didn’t this guy CHOKE the chicken on a zoom call. Most Americans would be banned from work if they did that!

    1. @Stephen McNiff Are you serious. I heard he was flogging the dolphin? Or was it choking the chicken?

    2. @Alina Itzal What? How did you actually manage to connect all the strings just to come too that comment? I am super confused, also interested on how you attack something unrelated too literally nothing about this vid or chat.

  8. Cue up James Earl Jones voice over: “THIS is CNN” Well aren’t you proud of yourselves? Jeff Toobin? Really?

  9. Today on CNN: Sexpest baffled that courts don’t uphold unconstitutional government edicts.
    Tomorrow on CNN: What are holocaust victims complaining about? The patches were super fashionable.

  10. Toobin thinks it should be mandatory to wear a mask on a plane, but optional to wear pants during a Zoom meeting. Got it.

  11. Does anybody take CNN serious anymore? Why would people listen to anything this creep says? Man, CNN has lost it!

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