Top Christian magazine: Remove Trump 1

Top Christian magazine: Remove Trump


Christianity Today, a publication founded by the late evangelical leader Rev. Billy Graham, made a rare political statement in an editorial calling President Donald Trump's character "grossly immoral," writing that he should be impeached and removed from office.


    1. @CaliforniaNrwYork CaliforniaNewYork my dream came true in 2016. I expect to have that dream come true again in 2020.

    2. @General Sanders You’re more likely a “BOT” or a “FAKE” and a total waste. Your try at writing slang is even telling. So please go away, back to cave or rock you’ve been hiding out.

    3. @General Sandersyou are by yourself brother. There are not many Blacks for Trump period! Lol! You Russian assbot!

  1. Trump has less rights than Jesus smh yeah trump really is running a cult they should compare him to Charlse Manson.

    1. Garry Miller Nope. You mean Yeshoua. Jesus was not even in the language of the day. Jesus is literally not real. Yeshoua, who I am not even sure existed as there is zero contemporary evidence, was a brown, short and stocky middle eastern Jew from Judea with a fat nose and short dark brown hair. The stupid depictions of that white gay with brown hair and blue eyes (among the others) are absolutely fake.

  2. Separation of Government and Religion?
    What a gang of ignorance people they call “Americans”???
    The world is turning one way, The United States the other!

    1. An Amateur’s Astrophotography be débat I’ve not combative. Our country gave us a right to do this. Scene fades. Meanwhile back at the White House trump is dining with his hero Putin. Brother Putin how can I become a great dictator.

    2. @Chris Johnson No Chris, this country is a SECULAR nation. The majority of people are Christian in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean the government itself is Christian, because it isn’t. Christianity is declining, anyways. This country is a melting pot.

    3. @An Amateur’s Astrophotography Wrong. Separation of Church and state is to keep the church out of government, not God. America is a Christian nation. You saw that in 2016 and will continue to see that in the future. In God we trust and that isn’t going to change.

    4. @Chris Johnson Oh, so you’re a troll.
      “The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian doctrine” – George Washington (Treaty of Tripoli)
      Keep denying reality. Your god doesn’t exist. If Yeshoua, your brown god in human form, were real, he’d be a Muslim. I’m also an atheist.

    1. Marcus I say better now than never really people he is a good con me and you have to admit! if you’re easy target and a lot of people I the scam is on the telephone they’re good at their job to! Vote blue vote Bernie and everyone have a happy happy holiday la la la la la la la la la

    1. The Christians need to know that.
      True christianity are witnesses of
      Jesus Christ and many were

    2. @Rodney Boehner how about the Trump administration practice that. Preachers have become Republican political operatives.

    3. @Tommy from Bama well said and very true but you also know that you can be the a very bad person your whole life and just ask for gods forgivemess right before you die and still get into heaven right and that’s the loophole that many people choose
      I’m just saying we all fall short of the glory of god and that’s what concerns me about our president when he says he has never asked for forgiveness because he has never done anything to repent for and that should concern us all

      Bless you and your family and friends

    4. @Revealing Serendipity Many cons find Jesus Christ in prison and if it were not for god I would have never survived after being in solitary confinement for eight months for being broke and not able to pay child support and they kept me in solitary to make me confess to a crime that I never commented and belive it or not god set me free and even the guards couldn’t believe it when they told me that I was free to go
      The Lord works in mysterious ways my fellow Americans

    5. @estelle pryce Great Point because I worked for the evangelical church for years and they demand that they obey this president but when asked why they hated oboma they said he is black and black people are to stupid to be president and I quit that racicst cult evangelical church because they are hypocrites and the hypocrites will go to hell first
      I love God and country not Trump and Russia people
      I have lived the American dream and my life is complete but I refuse to tell my children and grandchildren that we sold them out for trump
      God bless America

    1. @keir farnum Does he have to explicitly state that? Are you that stagnant? What do you think occurs when a collective group continuously calls someone out for committing blasphemy? That itself should stop. It is for this reason I dislike the comment; if I were to criticize the person’s belief, I would be considered blasphemous because the majority of religious people believe, for some reason, that their religion is to be protected. Where is the line drawn? Is the line drawn when the person is offended or is it when I bring up Yeshoua that I get called blasphemous? The religious should stop calling others such an outrageous thing because the belief itself is subject to criticism.

    1. no …only one Christian publication with a never Trumper on their staff supports impeachment.

      But the rest of us evangelical Christians will stay with Donald Trump because we do not want a baby slaughtering homosexual supporting pornography freedom supporting & Jesus hating Democrat as President of the United States.

    1. you don’t want america to be great again. you want america to be a losser and third world nation. and laugh of the nation. p[oor ignorant . b etter not callled yourdself american .

    2. @Dilbert Doe The building 666 5th Ave office in New York, which houses Lucent Technologies the maker of the RFID chip which many believe is the mark of the beast.

    3. Brian White Brian White if being jealous about a presidents merchandise is all you feel strongly about, just means you don’t know Jack about Politics and just vote for a president based on his skin and not logic. Pretty sad man.

    1. Nate S You can’t see the spirit only the results. Evidence of things not seen and the substance of things hoped for. You will never figure it out that’s for sure. 650 billion trillion atoms in a grain of sand. Can you comprehend that? We couldn’t see an atom until just a few years ago and had to have a machine to do it, but we knew it was there. I can’t see God but I know he’s there and when I stopped trying to figure him out things really started happening and miracles too. I don’t understand why bad things happen to good people or why good things happen to bad people. But I don’t have to know anymore than I have to know your business before I could be your friend. That’s not how friendships work.

    2. @Ronnie Bishop – Yeah, actually we didn’t know atoms were there until we discovered them. We assumed everything was made up of something but we didn’t know it was atoms until we discovered it.

      Yeah, saying we can only see the results of the spirit sounds like a post hoc rationalization. Yes, I’ve read Hebrews. You can claim to know God is there but that doesn’t actually mean that God actually is there. You have to at least know that I exist and have shared communication with me in order to have a friendship. If you just talk to me and I never respond, that isn’t a friendship. That is something more akin to stalking. You can at least have some confidence that I actually exist and am human because I have responded to your messages and I have videos and a description under my profile. If you just saw ridiculously fake moniker and empty account and responded to one of my messages and just kept a one sided dialog going because I never responded, you wouldn’t have a relationship and wouldn’t know that I was actually real or not. Sorry but this is how reality works.

    3. Nate S Nate before I went to Vietnam I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemy’s foreign or domestic, Ive never relinquished that Oath, Trump is the commander and chief regardless of you think or I think, that’s the way it is, and I could pile reason after reason why I don’t or couldn’t support Hillary Clinton. It’s a no brainer. I don’t agree with everything Trump says or the way he says it, so what? I’m not going back in an oath because my feelings are hurt. I have three kids in the military now and every general or big time successful person in the music business or marketing, my business have had the same abrupt loud arrogant personality. Are you kidding to act like you’ve never seen anyone like Trump. What he’s done while President has actually been very successful and as an ex commander of the DAV the Mission Act has done more for vets than any others in my lifetime. These young people abc those who just have their feelings hurt need to grow up. Unfortunately Nate we live in a very dangerous world and of course I’d love to live in peace but do you think all country’s want that? Not at all.

    4. @Ronnie Bishop – Thank you for your service. My father served in Vietnam. It is one thing to be a bad President, it is another to be a terrible human being. How many Presidents do you remember have attacked those that served after they had died? I can’t think of one. How many Presidents have taken the side of the leader of a foreign hostile government over our own intelligence agencies? I can’t think of one. Yes, I enjoy the freedoms that we have here in America and I grew up around people like my father and his friends who served in a war that wasn’t popular and have just in the past couple of decades gotten at least some of the honor and recognition they deserve. I’m sure you probably endured some of the same things. I am also a student of history and have read a lit of US Presidential biographies and histories on the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWi, WWII and Vietnam. Yes the world is a dangerous place and having someone that acts like a petulant child at the head of our government and state doesn’t make things any less dangerous.

      Thanks too for your children’s service. I hope they are home for the holiday so you get to see them or at least that they are safe.

    1. @Love It I’m an honor roll college student. I don’t know why you felt the need to throw a baseless insult my way.

    2. justin cade – when pigs fly. This is the Corporate Fourth Reich with America’s First NeoNazi Puppet Dictator in the presidency. Things are only going to get worse from here. MUCH, MUCH worse. Greed has no end.

  3. Soooooooooo…. paying off Porn Stars for desacrating his marrige wouldn’t do it…….
    But asking for “a favour tho” gets the Evangers panties in a wad……….seriously?

    1. WatchMyVideoDude There’s a young woman out there who has accused trump of raping her when she was thirteen, she was threatened by Trump in 2016 before the election as she was taking him to court. She still is. I hope all the women he molested sue him too. The man has no morals he is a disgrace.

    2. @john Barry Or all the kids killed with the illegal invasion of Iraq etc. I guess it’s just pro life for some people.

    3. “Christianity Today” is telling us what that other magazine, “Common Sense Today” told us three years ago. Boy people are slow.

  4. Been around a long time. If they’re coming out against trump the trump times they are a changing. Yes it will make a difference i.

    1. ​@Kidcorpus, Christianity is just another volcano god religion, complete with human sacrifice and foreboding magma chambers.

    2. No, Christians just don’t want to vote for the democrat Godless party. You attack God everyday so don’t try and use God to support your Godless lifestyle.

    3. @Kevin Soler Most Christians speak rubbish anyway. Funny how you NEVER hear them talking about the number one thing their founder taught them: to treat others as one would oneself. And how’s that worked out for ya?

  5. ”Maybe he’s looking up, I don’t know” -Donald Trump. If you still support him you’ve lost your soul. The End.

    1. queenbeethatme100 – ah a democratic supporter trying to preach what about you democrats..who advocate aborting babies, transsexualism, drag queen story time..democrats pervert God’s creation to the fullest by claiming there’s 1,000 genders. Your user name also suggests you’re full of pride, one of the deadly sins.

      As a democratic supporter, you’re not exactly one to be trying to preach. And don’t even try to say I’m any republican either..both these political parties are corrupt trash. But at least republicans don’t advocate killing babies and pushing transsexualism on to impressionable young children.

    2. @Erik Rensberger Grace is what we receive from God when are attempts at works fall short BUT THE BIBLE SAYS “Every man shall be judged through his knowledge AND his works” and Romans 2:6 we will be paid according to our deeds AND “FAITH without WORKS is dead”

    3. Jason Kelsick that is just rediculous, I have not lost my salvation. I will still vote Trump. He still has the Christian vote. We don’t read a magazine to know what to do. We a Gods word and that’s what we go by.

  6. It takes an impeachment to have “Christians” say he should be removed??? Were they not seeing all this before?

    1. There are many Christians who hate Trump.

      This is not new information.

      Some Christians are leftists, liberals, democratic socialists and left wing progressivists.

      You shall educate yourself. Your generalization shows your thinking skill is comparable to Trump’s.

    2. @nanda erdhani Thank you! I am a Christian, and I get sick of people acting like they know me, just because I am a Christian. I don’t use the Bible as a platform for hate. Some people who call themselves Christians, use the Bible to hide and mask their own hatred, bigotry and prejudices. I don’t hate gay people, because I am a Christian. I am not a racist, I judge people by their content and character, not their color. Jesus told his disciples, don’t just love those that love you, what good is there in that. Jesus said to his disciples before he died on the cross, all I ask of you is that you just love one another. He didn’t say only to love a certain color. Trump doesn’t conduct himself at all like a real Christian.

    3. Patty Huerta the Christians I know are not saying that now. We are not running away because of lies from Satan. I know of no brother and sister in Jesus that has or will turn away because of ungodly leftist.

    1. Hell they didn’t need him for that. Pence would do the same. They fear Trump’s base. Republicans know trump can snap his finger and get anyone of them out of office.

  7. After 15,000 lies? The Finnish PM lied once and was forced to resign. We need to raise our standards and vet the candidates better.

    1. Agreed. If we have to live with the Electoral College then there should be a way of insuring that only qualified candidates may take the oath of office.

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