Top Zelensky aide killed in helicopter crash

A helicopter crash near a kindergarten in the Kyiv region has killed at least 14 people, including the leadership team of Ukraine’s interior ministry who were traveling on the aircraft and three children on the ground, according to officials. Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky, First Deputy Minister Yevheniy Yenin and State Secretary Yuriy Lubkovychis died, Anton Geraschenko, a ministry adviser, confirmed on social media. #CNN #News


  1. Man that entire part of the earth has the most depressing sky’s and buildings everywhere you turn. I wonder what the suicide rates are there, terrible place for humans

  2. next time they should just use russia MI helicopters,these western so called high tech choppers are just a hype on papers

    1. Intriguing, the chopper was given by our allies as part of m ilitary ‘aid’

      The more you send the more babies you see ending like this.

      Do your love your babies? Ukrainian babies?

  3. The Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky has long known that the Ministry of Defense sells weapons that come to Ukraine in the form of aid, and the head of the GUR Budanov oversees this process directly. By the way, this information has already surfaced somewhere. The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs wanted their piece of cake and began to collect data through its structural units, which are related to intelligence and outdoor surveillance. As a result, they managed to get evidence and blackmail began. The military chiefs promised a share to the police leadership and the first tranche was paid. But it was pointless and unprofitable to pay further. Plus, the audacity of the Interior Minister, who climbed into the wrong garden, strained the military elite. And today came the day when the boyscouts from the GUR were able to demonstrate their skills. But that’s not all. The sanction for this was given personally by Ermak, who is also in the topic in secret from the supreme narcissistic clown Vova Ze. An interesting story turns out, we are waiting for another report from CNN that “the Russians are to blame.”

  4. CNN: ”the ukranians are doing their best to not crash helicopters anymore in residencial areas” 🤣sorry for the victims (seriously) but this is not okay and tomorrow they will say: ”were the russians I swear!”

  5. In 2014, a coup d’état took place in Ukraine. One region of the country decided that it had the right to seize power over other regions equal to it, received weapons and seized power in Kyiv. Other regions, such as Donbass and Crimea, did not submit to him, and then the self-proclaimed head of the board of those who seized power with weapons in their hands, Mr. Turchynov, announced a military operation against Donbass and Crimea. Ukraine actually attacked two independent regions with its entire army, trying to force them to accept the new government, which is terrorism and genocide of the population! All the laws of Ukraine have been violated, the Constitution has been violated, the laws of regional equality have been violated! This is sabotage! To justify the terrorist attack, the terrorists say that the previous government was corrupt, which is fake, no one announced an investigation, no one held trials, no one brought charges, no one tried to overthrow the government by impeachment, the only thing is that the western regions of Ukraine took up arms and attacked on other areas that did not agree to comply.
    Now the EU and the US are trying to put them in a good light and say that these are normal events, but this is not allowed in any country in the world, Western countries turn a blind eye to this only because the radicals agreed to start military operations against Russia, but the Ukrainian people are dying because of this conspiracy. This is a cynical conspiracy of terrorists in power in Ukraine with Western elites, they hide behind a Russian attack, but in fact they are increasing their military production, this is business, and Ukrainians are dying. Every month, military supplies to Ukraine only increase, this leads to a complication of the conflict, everyone understands this, peace is achieved by mutual agreement, but the only thing that everyone sees is how more and more weapons are pouring into Ukraine, and for those the money that is given to Ukraine, it pays the wages of its warring neo-Nazi units. All this aggravates the conflict, and Ukrainians are dying. NATO and the EU say that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is their conflict, but Ukraine is not a member of NATO and not a member of the EU, and through the conflict, NATO and the EU launder money with corruption and disperse their military production, this all aggravates the conflict and Ukrainians die.
    In fact, Ukraine has been turned into a military bloc, a private military agency controlled from abroad, and Ukrainians are dying.
    Stop Ukraine.

    1. all that is true but the rest of the people not see the real image of ukraine because they’re brainwashed for the west propaganda!!

  6. Russia throws their enemy’s out of windows and Zelensky just puts his on a chopper and has it flown into a kindergarten

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