1. Gosh, I hate tornados… 🙁 Tornados suck! (Thankfully, only 1 to 2 percent of all tornados in the world are F4 or F5!) I live in Southeast Texas, & we don’t generally get tornados in my area…just hurricanes!

    1. Weather warfare. Satanic gov. Fake media. Dumbed down masses. Anomalies blamed on climate change and mankind. Lol, fr covid to WW3, you live in utter deception. Creepy Joe can barely read a teleprompter. Nothing to see here folks! SMH

    2. One of the most atmospherically unstable regions on earth. Still, I would rather live with unstable weather in the Midwest compared to unstable government in California

  2. It’s the season. .it was 80 yesterday in ok.
    Today I’m freezing. It’s going to be in 20’s.
    Weather is least of our problem. Gas!!
    People are starting to line up at the cheapest gas station.
    On Cue had it set at 3.99
    That’s very high for ok.

    1. Still not as bad as it got during the Bush economic collapse.
      But it’s getting close!
      At least this time it’s due to an overheating economy, war, and supply disruptions instead of investors piling money into commodities as the rest of the market collapsed.

    2. @Sonofspam64 no…it’s because of Biden executive order signed back last January.
      Plus, the trillions they passed in July.
      Wake up.

  3. Nice one, you genuinely are trying to show how dire things of the countries and it’s citizens. Economically and other aspects. At this time the future doesn’t look good. First thing. About solving a problem is to acknowledge it. It’s doesn’t look like the media wants to do , I hope your channel expand and bring awareness and opportunity to people. ❤️

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    2. Bitcoin is the future. Investing in it now will be the wisest to do especially with the current dip.

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    4. @thomas jefferson Bitcoin is bringing a different revolution in the world economy. People who are optimistic investors earn consistently…. Others will just sit and watch!.

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  4. Does anyone know if the John Wayne Birthplace and Museum in Winterset, IA was damaged or hit?

  5. Im in Wisconsin and the last few weeks have brought us crazy wind and big temperature swings. Hope we’re not in for a whole summer of this…

  6. This may sound fucked up but I miss hearing about tornadoes instead of that Ukraine and Russia war

  7. Finally more important news then what’s been on………….such a disaster, god be with them thoughts and prayers….go fund me set up……taking donations on anything……..

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