Toronto chef spent 2 years on McDonald’s new Chicken Big Mac

Toronto chef Jeff Anderson spent two years perfecting Canada's version of the chicken Big Mac, now available in stores.

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    1. Yeah it’s more of a food engineering or food science role rather than a traditional chef role.

  1. Chef of Garbage food..What an insult to the real chefs like myself…Stick to Grilled chicken breast Sandwich on a Brioche Bun….Yum Yum

  2. How about Mcdonalds corporate ask other Mcdonalds locations all over the world who serve chicken burger on how to make multiple flavors at the same time .

  3. I may try this unless they put a premium price tag on it, as I am not willing to pay to much to try a McDonalds offering. from the picture the batter looks nice unlike their jr chicken and the size seems ok for the patties but pictures can be deceiving.

  4. What the heck? This was already available in the United States over a year ago, so I don’t see what this chef created πŸ€”

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