Toronto cop on trial after choking Black bus rider during violent arrest 1

Toronto cop on trial after choking Black bus rider during violent arrest


A Toronto man testified that he was the victim of police racism after he was choked during a violent arrest. CTV’s Merella Fernandez reports.

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    1. @Phix innocent until proven guilty is fine but has nothing to do with the OP’s point that they are suspended WITH pay. If I got suspended at work for less or equal of an infraction I’d be at minimum suspended withOUT pay.

      To answer the OP’s question I believe it’s due to police union terms that they have to pay him until proven guilty. Let’s not pretend the union terms aren’t alien to an everday working joe / jane.

    2. @Phix oh ok. Well the video looks pretty bad. And it’s obvious the cop is guilty. But yea still they will get paid for time off basically.

    1. It’s the union ,they got lawyers and money . If they don’t follow procedures could cost the city lots of money .

  1. imagine how many others he did this to
    partner watching …..ho hum…..just another day at the office……

  2. Suspended with pay!!! Sure, that’s going to show him all right!!! They are both disgusting!!!!!!!

  3. Did he pay his fare?…if so then the driver’s actions must come into question as well… excuse for the cops actions even if the rider didn’t pay… he suing the TTC ?

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