‘Totally Outrageous’: Trump Had Deal With Airport | Morning Joe | MSNBC

'Totally Outrageous': Trump Had Deal With Airport | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Donald Trump had a deal with Glasgow Prestwick Airport that sent Air Force flight crews to his Trump Turnberry resport, according to new reporting, something Trump himself denied on Twitter. The panel discusses.
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'Totally Outrageous': Trump Had Deal With Airport | Morning Joe | MSNBC

59 Comments on "‘Totally Outrageous’: Trump Had Deal With Airport | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Trump literally robbing America… Shocking 😐

    • He works for free and still deals with people like you.

    • Ralf Häggström | September 10, 2019 at 12:31 PM | Reply

      And it IS HAPPENING ! …………….@Huge Johnson

    • GDAWG4EVER ANNEVER | September 10, 2019 at 12:31 PM | Reply

      Caitlynn Marin no.lol its NOT “literally” robbing anyone that’s not true at al ! Its good for services like every buisness does … this is not a story in my opinion….
      So he sold gas ? Wow that’s messed up 🙄

    • @Marcelo Serrano Yup, and now he’s selling his marker with his name on it…..becuz of the lie he’s pushed all week!!!!!!! WOW HE IS REALLY USING HIS MAGATS AND HE IS LAUGHING AT THEM…..” THESE PEOPLE WILL BUY ANYTHING I THROW OUT THERE ….. LMAO 😉 😆😅 🤗 HOW STUPID HE MUST THINK THEY’RE

  2. Norbert Kulcsár | September 10, 2019 at 11:47 AM | Reply

    He is lying like a bad kid, nobody believes it, but nobody does anything about it.

  3. Add this to the more than 12K lies Trump has told the American people. Trump is already the most prolific liar in human history.

  4. And those idiots at the rally in North Carolina still believe in the Trumps. “Drain the swamp”. Trump & family are the swamp!

  5. Ah, so he just lied again. Thought so.

    Replace the swamp with a cesspit of corruption – promise kept!

  6. We are long way from when President-elect Carter sold his peanut farm to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. But who cares apparently? Definitely not the GOP.

    • Don’t forget about that in 2020.

    • Fabi Grossi yeah… By mid 2020 you won’t have election possibilities. Soviet America will soon have an indefinite leader. As your all way to fat and lazy to do anything about it and you live in a world where you think it can’t happen.

  7. Funny how they don’t want to give us health care, or any social programs. Yet we can manage this, hmmmmmmmm😶

  8. I don’t except it . He is a crook and he needs to pay .

  9. You wanna know how you can tell Trump’s lying?

    His lips are moving…

  10. Wait until they investigate his pump and dump game with the stock market. I wonder how much he’s made.
    As for the GOP, they have dug themselves too deep. There is no way out other than disappearing and let some fresh faces and current, here and now policies. But, man, are they in for an uphill battle.

    • I hope that the entire works of the corrupt republicon cult are wiped out. They are as guilty as TrumPutin with their complicity and their own corruption.

  11. How to tell when Trump is lying, his mouth is moving.

  12. Let’s stop being naive about this.
    This entire presidency was never more than one giant treasonous #CashGrab. But for Russian debt and development funding, Trump Tower Moscow, money laundering, oil pipelines, sanctions, etc, and all related opportunities to cash in, and but for all of the other sellouts of the environment to the fossil fuel industry, to the military industrial complex, etc, etc, Trump would have never run for office and Republicans wouldn’t have supported him into office. This was all a pure CASH-GRAB of a presidency and most of his campaign crew, family, cabinet, and the GOP Congress, etc are sloppily all in on the deal. With control of the house and senate and having stolen the Supreme Court seat to have Republican control there too, potential pardons for all, etc, they all felt like it was/is worth the risks.

    • I think it’s a cash grab plus a whole lot more. I believe dump’s going for the whole enchilada, with Putin’s guidance, of course—prez for life. We’ll see…

    • Cash AND power grab; the Rs have, in Trump, a man who will approve all of their far right Federalist judges to the bench. Their belief and rabid support of expansive executive power should alarm everyone!

  13. Crooks belong in prison not in privledge!

  14. A used-car salesman President. Appalling!

  15. All politicians need to be under investigations in Washington.

  16. DJT keeps shooting himself in the foot. I wish he would aim a little higher

  17. If you stole a dollar from the company till, you’d be fired in a heartbeat. Trump just stole $17 million from the US treasury… What should WE do next?

    • Call your Rep to ask them to come out for impeachment nases on the emoluments clause, citing this news story if need be. Even if they’re Rethuglican their staff keeps track of constituent phone calls (be polite to the staff, dont give them a reason to dismiss your opinion). Then vote BLUE for any 2019 elections, and work to get the vote out in 2020 so we can send a clear message.

      We the People are supposed to be the sovereigns of this country. Let’s take it back from these kleptocrats.

    • Anyone else would want him impeached/fired but the Christo-Fascists and Trumpists think he should be given another 4 years to continue.

  18. Graft and corruption in plain site, and the trumpets go to his rallies and cheer him on.

  19. Pence family home is nowhere near Doonbeg I’m in Ireland 🇮🇪
    His family are from county Claire miles away

  20. Congress funds Pentagon. Pentagon funds trump. Pentagon funds border wall. And so it goes.

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