Traffic Congestion, Animals Washed Away Following Rain | TVJ News

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  1. Thank God for the rain he saves us from a Drought that could wipe us out of it continues for another Month ..imagine people fighting in supermarket for water on the water pipe at crops able to grow the prices of food sky high becuase its scarce lord we thank you for the rain in Jesus name AmenπŸ™

  2. These problems are as old as my great grandmother πŸ‘΅. Wondering why we have government and agencies.

    1. And them talk bout them Road and highway so what happen to drain and gullies they should change them for malfeasance

  3. Uno cry fi rain in the country and now is a problem , our own people need to keep the drain clean too nasty .

  4. This show we who in control… Jesus The creator of Heaven and earth The sovereign God give sun when he sees fit…send rain when he sees fit …what mankind needs to do is use wisdom do what’s right keep the gullies clean and if the drainage small he gives knowledge to man… who ever is responsible do the do so we can all be as ok as possible be it rain or Sunshine…blessed Love everybody.. please try and stay safe

  5. Indiscipline and nastiness reign supreme that is why the waste water overflowing the drains, look at all those plastic bottles in the drain. People you are your own worst enemy.

  6. Imagine, unu dump garbage in the gullies and streams and now rain fall unu a ball bout government nah do nothing. Sorry for ur loss but keep the drains clean and all will be ok

  7. lol such a shock !seems like nobody in gov taught it to clean drain during drought . and 100mil disappear desmon this on you and andrew again as usual you both failed

  8. Boy I prayed for rain and was so haappy when it fell; I wanted to go out and play in it! I can hear the grass growing again and the plants seem happy!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Thank u Faada!!!πŸ™

  9. I’m favoured, $230K every 4weeks! God bless Ms. Paula for the help,our lord have lifted up my Life!!…

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