1. It is pretty obvious that the cop is to blame. The answer to your question would be “gross negligence.” At least that’s what he’s going to be charged with.

    2. @Nine Tailed Fox
      Guess again. I know it seems hard to believe, but some people are actually that stupid. Nobody ever became a police officer because they were a genius.

    3. “Pretty obvious?” No qualifier word needed. Obvious works just fine. “Pretty obviously” leaves it open to interpretation.

  1. Yea I saw that video today. Definitely never seen anything like that in my whole life. Just imagine being handcuffed in the backseat while the train is coming at ya. Ouch!

    1. @Crossed Rifles Telling people to shut up will get you all swollen up in real life. You eating toothpaste is good child, keep it up.

    2. @DVincentW That’s all you have to say? Pathetic. So you think it’s funny black people are slaughtering each other in the streets of Democrat cities too? Shut up.

    1. @Sessions98 So explain how blm crashed the US Capital on January 6th. Brought a noose to the US Capital, threatened to hang VP Mike Pence and tried to take over the US Government?
      I can’t wait to hear this one.

    2. @6Burgh Murder’s are up 141% in the last two years in New Orleans under Democrats and you think it’s funny? Those aren’t white people shooting each other Brainless. What’s wrong with you?

  2. The cop’s fault, obviously.

    If that wasn’t intentional, then that’s incompetence to a whole new level….

    1. Did you watch the entire video? NOPE
      What happened 5 minutes before & after?

      Was the officer ordered to leave the vehicle.

    2. @Ellis You first ! Explain to me why in the world ANYONE would be dumb enough to park on some tracks. Let’s say it was a momentary thing, ok, then why does she not move off TRAIN TRACKS after the suspect is detained ? Even the news caster was stunned by that decision. Go ahead, make it make sense random person on the Internet 🤣

    3. @Bullfrog Jay
      Why in the world would you expect me to be able to explain why this idiot did what he did? You’re asking the wrong person, pal. I have no idea where you got the idea that I think this guy did something that was ok. Your alternate conspiracy theory is just beyond ridiculous. Jeebus.

  3. There’s not one, but TWO Railroad Crossing sign right in the shot at 0:19, on both sides of the road. If civilian drivers are expected to pay attention to signs like those, as well as Stop signs, then there is NO excuse for an officer of the law to be under LESS scrutiny than said civilian drivers. This was reckless endangerment of life.

    1. I work on a a train for tgebrailroad. It rakes More then 800 meters before a train can come to a full stop. The fact that these officers left there car on a train track is beyond stupid.and beyond incompetence.

      But more then that. He put human lives at risk. Once you have a suspect in costady you are responsible for there well being. And by the way…you can hear a train comming from miles away. Wy didn’t they move the car on time ?

    2. the suspect is dumb too. she should have been arguing the whole time.. yo im on the train tracks. she should have not pulled over on the train tracks

    1. You can clearly see that these officers have no situations awareness. Non. They didn’t even realised that the car was on the track. You can hear the first horn of the train clearly and they are stil not responding. How stupid and incompetent are police in the US??

      This is beyond stupid. And there were no red lights to indicate that a train was commong to. Here in Europe it mandatory at every train crossing that there are signs that started to blink on and of to indicate a train is coming.

  4. Parking on the train track might slide, but coming back and throwing a person in the back seat and LEAVING the vehicle on the train tracks while doing something else shouldn’t have happened.

    1. This woman is about to be BEYOND RICH!
      and the citizens taxes will be making her rich while the police still have jobs a pension and health insurance!

  5. Everybody talks about the police department getting sued…
    But what about the officers? How is this not criminal negligence?!? These people should get to jail! Forcing a person into a car that is parked on railroad tracks? Holy crap, the police context really doesn‘t matter here, that‘s just criminal!

    1. It IS criminal negligence. You should know by now that the legal system works slowly. You can bet he is going to be going to trial for gross negligence or some similar charge.

    2. @Brad oh they about to go thru tax dollars like never seen before! I think it’s time that these cops personally start paying. They should lose there houses retirement cars. There wives there pets there EVERYTHING

    3. Well the bootlickers don’t want us to get rid of qualified immunity so that’s why it’s never the individual cop that gets sued. So they always end up back at work and putting more people at risk

  6. fire all those officers! when you hear a train coming (you can usually hear it coming from a mile away), their first priority should have been to take everybody out of the vehicle as soon as possible. wtf did they expect? that the train would come to a complete stop before hitting their vehicle? All the injuries that the suspect received is on those police officers, and they must pay for “suspect’s” all recoveries.

  7. What baffles me about the situation is the fact that according to the video there was no obstruction from seeing the train at a distance so how did you miss the fact that a train was coming with plenty of time to either move the car or get the suspect out of the back of the vehicle. That is basic DMV training that any person whose granted a driver’s license receives and for an officer of the law to be so careless as to place a suspect in a vehicle that is parked on the train tracks shows lack of common sense. They should be fired and brought up on attempted manslaughter charges (although attempted murder is more logical, I doubt they truly intended on harming that woman in that manner).

  8. All they cared about in the end was finding that gun so they can try and justify there actions. The level of incompetence is unreal and in the end if any charges are actually filed they will receive a slap on the wrist plea deal. SMH

  9. Okay, I can maybe understand initially stopping on the tracks, but can’t imagine why they would not have moved, repositioning their patrol car after securing her in it and definitely puzzled by how they could have missed hearing that train coming when they were in the open. That’s a serious fixation issue with a gross lack of situational awareness.

    1. the suspect is dumb too. she should have been arguing the whole time.. yo im on the train tracks. she should have not pulled over on the train tracks

    2. @Karen Mel in this world you have to own your survival. nobody is going to make you take your medicine on time. or study for you. or lock your bike. she needs to be aware too.

  10. What they didn’t show you was the dash cam portion just before the train hit…the victim heard the horn, the cop asks what’s that, she panicked and screamed, while cops abandoned her and ran away.

  11. I get that some cops believe they don’t have to follow the law themselves….but there is no word to describe this level of ignorance and negligence.

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