Trans Montana State Rep. Zooey Zephyr defends remarks in House hearing | USA TODAY

Montana State Rep. Zooey Zephyr was punished, after she was silenced on the floor of the state house for telling colleagues they would “have blood on your hands.”
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A Montana lawmaker will continue to be silenced after telling her colleagues they would “have blood on your hands” over legislation to ban gender-affirming care for transgender children.

The state House voted to keep Democratic Montana Rep. Zooey Zephyr from participating on the chamber floor. She will be allowed to vote remotely for the remainder of the legislative session, which is set to adjourn next month.

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    1. ​​@Scott Waters do you know what a circumcision is? Weve been putting kids under the knife for genital mutilation as standard procedure. But it’s religious so it’s ok.

  1. When a child entertains the ugly thoughts of suicide, their last problem is gender. They need counseling first.

    1. @Jessica Tymczak look my name should be very obvious im a furry and I make space content on my YouTube channel

    2. Everyone has anxiety and depression and stress the trick is finding healthy ways to deal with them. When you get these surgeries these feelings don’t go away and if you never learned how to cope with them it can make them much worse.

    1. @Crazy Cletus II trained specialists, lol in what? The only thing these medical professionals and trained in is making money.

    2. @Cory A If that’s what you wanna tell yourself. 🤷‍♀️ I really could care less if you want to live in reality or not. It’s your life, believe whatever you want.

    1. @HM3 Drake plenty of you admit surgery is under the guise gender affirming care. Who’s affirming exactly?

    1. @Sean Scott Every medication has risks and benefits. As you say, the individual needs to weigh the options.

    2. @HM3 Drake So, if the parents say it’s OK for the kid to drink, own a gun, drive, and either get, or get another kid, pregnant, you’re good with that?🤣

    3. @Clarice my condolences. At the very least she didn’t have to witness these lunatics and their attempts to mutilate children.

  2. If something like watching a hearing offends you that much, you have the right to turn it off or not participate. You do not have the right to censor based on your opinion.

    1. If you/we “don’t” hear “it” it’s because we all choice to listen to those you are saying what we want to hear. People today choose their news and their favorite talking heads that only give one side of a view point.
      Fox watchers never watch MSNBC and vise versus.

    1. @John Sorg You mean it’s abuse to tell a boy that he’s a girl when he’s not, right? Just wanted to make sure I understood you correctly.

  3. How about we let doctors be doctors and let politicians be politicians? Doctors study this for a living, politicians don’t. There is a reason why you don’t go to the state senate for a physical.

    1. Wait just one sec here, you mean to tell me that you DON’T go to the state senate for a physical exam?!

      Well, that damn senator who did my last prostate exam has some serious ‘splainin to do! Kinda explains the slapdash job he did, too… now that I think about it.

    2. @Jestawell Only opioid “crisis” I’ve seen is how damn hard it is to get my Oxys & Percs now… amirite??

      Ehh? Ehhhhhhhh?

  4. I hate how this person just defines everything against her position as “attacks and targeting”. Like if you don’t think children should mutilate their bodies then you’re targeting kids. If these people want to change my mind, it’s going to have to be with reasoning and debate; not by vilifying everyone that disagrees.

    1. @Sean Scott most people I think Would agree that once you’re 18 you’re an adult and you can make decisions for yourself. as long as you’re willing to pay for it yourself. but I just heard on the radio today that an 11-year-old male died getting transgender surgery the surgeon was trying to make a vagina out of his prostate and it was under developed due to hormone therapy and he passed away so it is happening to little kids.

    2. @Reggie Coursey Can you post a name? The details of the story sound very off so I want to verify. Like that isn’t how the surgery even works

  5. It’s terrible that people are taking their lives, but there’s more to the story. That’s a deeper level of mental instability, I’m gay and even with all the stuff going on I would never do that. Not would my friends on both sides of the political isle I’ve had conversations with.

    1. Being attracted to the same sex seems to be quite different than having a situation like gender dysphoria. Yet I’ve known two people that have committed suicide because they were gay and their families could not bring themselves to except that fact. We’re all different.

  6. If someone is so unstable as to attempt to take their own life, because they’re offended by a hearing, they need psychological therapy, not hormones

  7. Stand strong Montana. Do not bow down to to that disturbed person. Portland had already bowed down and you can check how we’re doing.

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