TREND LINE: A federal election could be coming soon — here’s the state of the opposition parties

TREND LINE: A federal election could be coming soon -- here's the state of the opposition parties 1


On this week's edition of Trend Line, guest host Rachel Aiello and pollster Nik Nanos discuss what we should watch for in the upcoming throne speech.

Then Nik and Rachel dive into the opposition parties and if they are prepared for a possible snap election?

Also, are Erin O'Toole has ambitions to triple the Conservative caucus in Quebec – is that a realistic or will he anger his party's Alberta base.


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11 Comments on "TREND LINE: A federal election could be coming soon — here’s the state of the opposition parties"

  1. Stop ignoring Atlantic Canada, it’s insulting and shows the ignorance of political reporting based in Ontario. Stop talking about the Bloc, they are a one province, one issue party, they do not have a voice outside of Quebec and therefore should not be discussed.

    • Right. Corpmedias are salivating at the idea of high TV ratings (TV markets)!

    • Sir David of Tor | September 18, 2020 at 12:22 PM | Reply

      Ryan: while I disagree with you on your thoughts of the Bloc, I agree, that Atlantic Canada is important and should not be ignored! They are an important part of Canada!

      Stay safe, stay sane, be well

    • Global Warmhugs | September 18, 2020 at 1:43 PM | Reply

      Try living in BC. Our elections get totally skewed by those provinces.

    • @Global Warmhugs we dont even exist in the west and north, except as guards of resources no one wants to come extract. Russia can walk in here with 1000 troops and take any territory up here in a matter of days.

    • The Bloc alone has as many seats as all of Atlantic Canada combined has total seats. That “one province” has two and a half times as many seats as all of Atlantic Canada. So yeah, Atlantic Canada isn’t as important to the election, particularly since a lot of those ridings are practically foregone conclusions in terms of result.

  2. of course, but the preparations are the drone speech that will lead to the throne speech. First of all, Trudeau must find ways of blaming the opposition for forcing an election. Some viruses are indestructible: they mutate, hide, fool cells to accept them, prorogue illness, feed cells with own poisons etc. In the end, who fools the most, wins. Mr. Singh is out because of the political company he frequents

    • Why would Trudeau need to “find ways of blaming the opposition for forcing an election.” ? If an election is to come, it will most certainly BE forced by the opposition, would it not? No need to find ways to blame when it literally IS them to blame, right? Also, dismissing Mr Singh out of hand seems terribly illogical considering his performance in the previous election and in his seat to date, does it not?

    • Trudeau hasNo desire for an election. Conservatives although they are not near ready they may want to try and encourage Bloc to join and that would probably be enough. I do not foresee an election.


  4. I find it appalling that the opposition is choosing this time to push an election. We are already at risk and trying hard to avoid the first round of COVID. Europe is already seeing the second wave AND flu season is about to start. Shameful on their part!

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