Trey Gowdy Interview About Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation 11/6/16

Trey Gowdy Interview About Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation

Trey Gowdy Interview – November 6, 2016


    1. Roger Wittekind , Thank you, I am signing in. Now we can sign to get rid of
      Clinton’s Cartel and Obamaladen life will be beautiful

    2. Roger Wittekind Did you noticed the petition goes to the president and 2
      house representatives (one rep Rubio and one democrap Nelson) 2 democraps
      out of 3 what chances are to remove her? None

    3. +Naticris Tellavi Yes it looked to me like it was just spinning tires but I
      felt better for doing something.
      BTW if Trump wins it will prove Aleins exist because they are the only ones
      that know how to defeat the easily rigged voting machines.
      And talking about the rigged machines. I almost voted early but I would
      have had to use a voting machine and I told them I wanted to vote with a
      paper ballot then they told I have to vote on the 8th.

    4. Roger Wittekind In my area we used paper I took pictures of front and back
      of. I noticed the took a tab from the ballot and matched with my driver’s
      license in their computer. After I filled the ballot they asked me to put
      it in some sort of scanner machine and the paper stayed inside the machine.
      That tab proof it is not annonimous vote, they know who vote for who. Rig
      from top to bottom.

  1. Gowdy lies he is indeed a coward. Gowdy could begin impeachment hearings
    TODAY. The senate can take up the case monday and convict Hillary on
    charges of high treason. The gallows could be erected and sentence carried
    out on election day.

    1. the fact that you wish you could do such a thing pretty much shows how
      incredible disgusting you are as a person…

    2. lonewolfnmoon Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain and hill
      made low. The spirit of jezebel is about to get thrown out of the window.

  2. The people don’t have to vote Trump if they don’t want Hillary to win. They
    can Vote Gary or Jill. It goes the same for people that don’t want Trump to

  3. Framers may have given us that option, but if they rig the polls, then that
    option goes out the window!

  4. FBI DROPPED THE CASE AGAIN!!! WTF!! Please NYPD, you’re our last hope. Do
    it for AMERICA!! Everybody vote for Trump and let’s BRING OUR CORRUPT EVIL

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