Trey Gowdy: It Was a FULL BLOWN Hillary Clinton Cover Up! 9/25/16 FBI, Obama, DOJ!

Trey Gowdy: It Was a FULL BLOWN Hillary Clinton Cover Up! 9/25/16 FBI, Obama, DOJ! 1


Trey Gowdy: It Was a FULL BLOWN Hillary Clinton Cover Up! 9/25/16 Cover up by the FBI, Obama, and DOJ!

One day before the presidential debate, Trey Gowdy talks to Bret Baier about newly released info from the FBI in the Hillary Clinton private email server investigation. The true scandal seems to be the full cover up of the Hillary Clinton scandal by the Obama Administration and FBI Director James Comey knowingly playing his part not to recommend prosecution.

Fox News – Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Update – Trey Gowdy on Hillary Clinton Corruption – September 25, 2016

38 Comments on "Trey Gowdy: It Was a FULL BLOWN Hillary Clinton Cover Up! 9/25/16 FBI, Obama, DOJ!"

  1. What is the purpose of immunity if ALL the guilty parties escape punishment
    and the true of what happened is blacked out by the goverenment? Lady
    Justice seems not only to be blind, but deaf and dumb also.

  2. Welp Hillary isn’t going to be president.

  3. The 2016 U.S. Presidential Debates, AKA “Hillary’s Last Gasp”

    • Benjamin “Ozias” Esposti | September 25, 2016 at 10:24 PM | Reply

      I really can’t wait for it! It’s gonna be exciting!
      My mother is afraid Trump will crush Hillary … ugh, she’s so
      stuck-on-stupid! She’s like a Hillary. Everything she says points towards
      her liking Hillary over Trump, but she won’t directly admit it if you ask
      her. wtf -_-

    • dude, i have butterflies in my stomach, and I’m from Canada lol

  4. Just look at Gowdy’s face after the Obama clip. He’s about to start

    • +Amy Andersen
      Anyone with an ounce of sense knows Obama and Hilary are lying traitors. It
      baffles me that people exist who hold the exact opposite viewpoint.

    • Amy Andersen (Ocdesignzz) | September 25, 2016 at 10:58 PM | Reply

      +LambentTyto totally agree! It’s disturbing and disgusting!

    • What I wouldn’t give to hear Trey’s thoughts off camera. He has far too
      much integrity to say anything to the press that’s mere speculation. But
      you know he’s got some damning opinions on American politics.

    • Amy Andersen (Ocdesignzz) | September 25, 2016 at 11:06 PM | Reply

      +Cole Hunter he knows the media likes to stir stuff up! Smart Man! I
      wouldn’t want to hear everything he has to say all at once…. My head
      would explode!

    • +Cole Hunter
      That would be very interesting!

  5. Trey Gowdry……….the picture you see when you find a picture of a man
    that gets nothing done but talk.

  6. ” Obama ” : I saw it on the news just like everyone else

    Of course !

  7. As an American tax paying citizen, I demand prosecution. Declaration of
    Independence gives us the RIGHT to cast aside a corrupt incompetent
    government. Us real Americans have about had it.

  8. Gowdy is very correct, in that the entire thing was a cover up, starting
    with Obama on down. This is what you get, when a president can hire and
    fire the heads of the different agencies of the US Government. Obama has
    people heading those offices, (who paid him for those positions), that will
    bend to his will, irregardless if it is lawful or not. Obama and Hillary
    just made a mockery out of the US law enforcement and judiciary system, by
    pulling the strings of those agency heads. Everyone expected this outcome
    from the start.

    Gowdy stated it plainly, in that you do not give immunity to anyone, unless
    they have broken the law, along with the one who they are giving evidence
    against. One does not plead the fifth, unless they are guilty of something,
    because they are admitting that their words will show their guilt.

    Everyone, who has read those e-mails, know that Hillary is as guilty as
    sin. Yet, we have the brainwashed, in this country, whom are fresh out of
    the universities, where they have been taught the Frankfurt School theory
    (Marxism), who will gladly vote for Hillary. Khrushchev stated they they
    would take over the US, without firing a shot, and he meant it.

  9. liberal government is sloppy as hell – what a joke

  10. Traci Richardson | September 25, 2016 at 10:06 PM | Reply

    Everyone I know is voting for Trump!

  11. Hillary is going to have to wear a diaper for a 90 minute debate.

  12. The bar for Hillary is not to hit the floor in convulsions.

  13. Trey Gowdy is Americarna, as an Aussie he reminds me what an American used
    to sound like, a man who serves his Nation

  14. Lies , Lies and more Lies —- That is what Trump needs to pound home ..
    Anyone that would vote for Hillary needs to ask God for forgiveness for
    being possessed by the devil and ask Jesus into their heart and live. She
    would finish the destruction of America that Obama started,

  15. Hillary has always used stalling tactics to avoid prosecution.

    155 or more people directly linked to her and Bill Clinton are dead.

    Working for Clinton’s can be hazardous to your well-being.

    Having evidence is often met with untimely deaths.

  16. Clinton strikes again. I can’t wait till Trump wins and has her prosecuted
    and the Attorney General Relieved of duty for incompetence.

  17. Rafael Vazquez89898888 | September 25, 2016 at 10:40 PM | Reply

    Hillary is the best.

  18. She damn better well be sporting a mole above her upper right lip.

  19. What the people do when their top law departments become as departments
    worse than that of a third-world country, and have the country would still
    reelect those who sppoint them?

  20. if people still trust liary than they live in a cave

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