Tribe: ‘The Question Of Not Listening To Witnesses Is Off The Table’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Tribe: ‘The Question Of Not Listening To Witnesses Is Off The Table’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. @Da Choppah And the GOP had years to deal with it.
      So I think Trump’s kids should be questioned about the copyrights they got right after daddy got into office. Or Trump’s son in law investment that he got from Qatar days before Trump designs to sides with them.

    2. @omi god Biden’s have been investigated ? Awesome. Please tell me : 1. How much money did Hunter earn from the Ukraine, total. 2. How did he communicate with the Board- he spoke no Ukrainian. 3. Hunter agreed- he would not have gotten the $ position if his dad was not VP, so- did he also earn any income from $ China or ANY other country he visited while with his VP Dad on Air Force 2 ? I await your response. So glad this has been investigated. I had no idea.

    3. @Da Choppah you have things twisted up. Bidens have absolutely nothing to do with what trump did in withholding the aid from Ukraine. Congress had ruled on that aid. For WHATEVER the reason a president can’t do this. He needed to bring in Congress to determine if that could be done. And he would have to have a very solid reason for doing so. He did not to this because there was no reason other than he wanted to use that money as leverage. You are getting sidetracked from the facts. Look at some other news source videos and read what you can find about how trump’s action stands with the Constitution . Don’t you think it the least bit odd that a person who has done nothing wrong so adamantly has insisted on permitting certain people to give depositions or now testimony. An innocent person would be thrilled to have the support of colleagues to prove that he is a stand up guy.

  1. The Repblicans are so involved that took part in Trump’s Crimes. That why. They are doing to do there best to protect him. Because they know they will go down hard. Voter’s it’s up to us. Vote Blue 🇺🇸 And get them out. We Can Do This by uniting like them With Trump.

    1. Kathy Solorio Yes. The a Trump cult is a super minority that thinks it’s 100% okay to lie, cheat and steal to stay in power. Vote BLUE or allow the cult to further destroy America.

    2. Gabe D   ………………   Take your own advice . Seriously . Fascists don’t end very well . Anyone remotely connected with Orange Capone will find themselves upside-down, or worse .

    3. Stop this nonsense. Both major parties are almost completely corrupt. Neither is remotely a friend of or ally to everyday Americans.

  2. Republicans seem to be concerned only with winning, at all costs, truth
    and justice be damned.
    Anyone who denies this is either a liar or a fraud.

    1. @Judy Bargenquast, I know we are not supposed to “feed the trolls” but the thing is some times when we put them in their place, we say something that gets the attention of someone who has been undecided up til now. I hope this philosophy will awaken those who know the difference between right and wrong to stand up and be counted with the rest of us.

    2. Crowd Strike? Go Rudy, bring down your second mobster ring. Comey on tape exhonorating dirty Hilary email breach, Biden quid pro quo to save his son and John Kerry’s son corrupt scheme. That is video taped confession. All else is fog, the media is corrupt. The Obama intel leaders spied on Trump they plant false actors brazenly. Mifsud, Balsey Ford, Lev is a plant, zero sum game. Two go in one comes out. They manufacture evidence to bring Trump down. This is no game, it is fight to death. Real Americans do understand.

    3. @Danny Ball the sick pig is djt and you smoke that vile swines weiner every day. 😆. Guess who doesn’t write history books, tRumpturds.

  3. Are we going to see a reluctant Republican Senate just completely overwhelmed by the weight of evidence? You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  4. After the Parnas interview it would be political suicide to continue blocking key witnesses and obstructing

    1. @feldspardelta21 I hope so. But Collins went through with Kavanuagh… Even though she had to know idsep down that he’s a threat to Roe v Wade, and yet still voted to confirm. I think we trust Murkowski, and possibly Romney. But I also think one of our very own Democrats will side with Repugnicunts… Doug Jones. I can’t blame him, Alabama is his constituency. Although, he’ll still probably lose his reelection bid no matter what. Then house dog Democrat Joe Manchin from WV.

    2. Why would it be political suicide… facts don’t matter to republicans… Trump could do anything and it wouldn’t matter to them.

    3. @Eric Burkheimer Nothing is political suicide in the US. With witnesses or not. With facts or not. Corrupt or not. Stupid or not. Manipulation or not. The political system is a sham. Democracy is a sham.

    4. Tim Murphy I wish that were true, Tim, but his base is sycophantic. Captured in his psychopathic sphere, they are incapable of rational thought.

  5. The main question that should be put to the Republicans in the Senate is a simple one, Do they believe the American people want the truth?
    And if the answer to that question is YES, then there should be no debate as to what needs to happen in the trial. Because the truth will not be reached without witnesses and evidence.

  6. Trump blocked all the witnesses during the House investigation.

    Executive privilege! That needs to be considered during the next administration as to what REALLY qualifies as Executive Privilege.

    1. The concept of executive privilege hasn’t changed, doesn’t need a rewrite, and certainly doesn’t apply to a corrupt president covering up his self-dealing and criminal activity. All of this was just as true in, say, Nixon’s time. What’s needed is for ALL branches to grow a conscience and hold the buffoon to account. The best way to do this by the average citizen, this year? Send a clear message to those in Congress who have chosen not to hold him accountable.

  7. 👎😔aint no way my peace lovin Nation can trust U.S. under its current management..
    ✊🌏🇳🇿💯 in Solidarity 🔥Bernie🔥

    1. I love Bernie but if he is nominated he will be massacred.Trump will paint him as an uber liberal socialist and the electorate will run into Trumps arms. Look at McGovern vs. Nixon to see what will happen.

    2. Mark Melville
      yall deserve Bernie! guess you cant be willing to buy into the bs when your valuable time & energy could be better spent helping Bernie win 😁👍

  8. Sure looks like Trump was happy to have a US ambassador surveilled and perhaps whacked, so he could get dirt on Biden and son. No American can support this and hope to call themselves a patriot.

    1. Isabelle……every time Trump is called on his obvious corruption one of you morons start up with your “whataboutism”So looking forward to cancelling your vote in the next election

    1. they are so worried about trump’s followers, but trumpers are people who are half paying attention & don’t even know who these politicians are & most likely don’t vote in any other elections but the presidency, & probably rarely in that. they should be more concerned with those of us who are paying attention & vote in much of the elections & will hold them accountable, especially on the dem side as we have been knocking them out of office in many unlikely places since trump took office. they need to be listening to us. we are who they need to worry about, if our democracy isn’t a concern or the need for truth guiding them as they should be.

  9. “The same person that speaks highly of you will be the same person that downs you. Be careful who you call friends.”
    Author Unknown

  10. That and the fact that the Senators can go the jail, go directly to jail, and not pass GO if they speak when told to be silent. Does meltdown Lindsey have the self control to remain silent? Time will tell.

  11. With republicans in the Senate … America doesn’t need any external enemies. They are all from within.

  12. Lev Parnas claimed that Don Jr. was there when Trump tried to fire Marie Yovanovitch but was told that he had to wait until Mike Pompeo was confired! If this is true Don Jr. knows more than
    what has been implied about the Ukraine scheme. If what is beening reported true Trump has damaged the office of the president for many, many years to come! New laws must be written
    so that nothing like this ever happens again we must protect the office of the president and the country from wanna be Mobsters!

  13. It is really clear that this was a vast (yes vast) and concerted effort to accomplish high crimes and misdemeanors over an extended period of time. The number of top officials who colluded and the ferocity of which it was pursued is staggering.


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