Triple Murder in Kingston, 2 Women 1 man Killed | Cancer in Steel at Cornwall Regional Hospital

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  1. I am sure it would cost so much less to demolish the building and build it over than to spend all that money on that. But you must find a way to ensure you get a piece of the money.

    1. Let them take them time and fix it up properly, cause look deh them fine thing way dem never except, I think that why it take them long.. ..

  2. If every ministry put as much effort as tourism, Jamaica would be ahead. We already learned not to put our eggs in one basket.

  3. That needed to be turned down and rebuilt, and that’s why money is wasting to be trying to repair and repair after so many years, best to rebuild, so we can have a longer usage of the hospital and a more modern and up-to-date structure. I think they need to try to piece those murders with those bank heists, maybe someone knew too much, and they’re from port more. 🤔

    1. build you all sh economy , and then just maybe people will start loving each other. Just tourism and remittance ting nago work

  4. Renovation comes with surprises all the time but thats normal. Building a new structure so large would cost more than a renovation process. A new building would require more money for demolition cost, labor cost, permits , locates ,survey, transportation cost and additional materials.

  5. This is my concern. The Government of Jamaica along with the all stakeholders in the CRH saga need to be sacked, FIRED. I bet any money that the St. JAMES MUNICIPAL CORPORATION would DEMOLISH the entire building/structure If it was a project of a trying citizen or business person. From the get go, once there is a mould then something is deep within happening. Same on you.

    1. Absolute not! Church and state must remain separate. Please see History and England for reasons

  6. Unidentified yet you are aware he was suppose to be married tomorrow, great investigative work 😂

  7. Wow that’s so sad as it is alleged he was getting married tomorrow it must be so devastating for his bride to be and both sides of the family’s🙏

  8. I would love to go in the communities when I visit but lawd the murder rate noh pretty. It’s sad I have to be “hidden” away in a resort and caa mingle wid di people. People this is a beautiful island love each other and stop the violence.

  9. Who built the building?? The contractors should be held responsible for any failure in the build. Any over spend should be taken from the company who built the buildings

  10. Oh my God mistaken identify for the gentleman that was to be married tomorrow smh this brings back memory of the gentleman who was beaten in Mandeville and died just days before his wedding as well…This is sad sad sad sad sad 😭

    1. Sad. Isn’t it. Makes you wonder though if these were purely coincidental or orchestrated.

  11. My condolences go out to everyone who lost their love by the hand of these wicked Jamaican gunman

  12. That mistaken killing is so crazy. The victim stopped to move the bicycle out of the way. He had no clue that the bicycle was used by a robber. Then the robbery victim thought he was the robber seeing that he was handling the bicycle and killed him. What are the odds of being so unfortunate?

  13. These young ladies are somebody children. It is a pity how we don’t value each other lives. I emphasize withe the families, having to bury my 23 years old daughter. It is a rough road.

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