Tropical Storm Grace Watch for Jamaica | Significant Increase in Covid Cases – August 16 2021


    1. God has always kept us, but he gave us a brain so we must use it.
      If you want to be an accountant you have to go to school and get the training to be an accountant.

    1. They shown there carelessness over an over in health care,rules should stand for all rich an poor they should never alow any Dance to go though

    2. The government want the numbers to go up.They are padding the numbers because they want you to take the injections.

    1. @Claudette Bennett 2 Timothy 3:16
      [16]All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

    2. That’s what makes you ignorant instead of learning why these things you hide behind these words

    3. Lol 😂 it’s just a tropical storm 🌀 relax peoples the Caribbean have a hurricane season every year, so please relax your imaginary friend sweet Jesus is still in your head !

    1. I am of a particular age and from I could understand words spoken my great grandmother who died at age 103 in 1987 have been saying the same thing, can Bible thumpers pls explain this.

    2. @Page One For you to make a human you’ll have to make your own egg and sperm from scratch .So you’re not making a human .Its simply taking the sperm and egg and allowing it to develop in another environment. You saying , you’ve heard Jesus is coming since the beginning of times and all now he haven’t returned. 2 Peter 3:3,4,5 and 6 Sounds familiar😇?

    3. @R R123 lol 😂 my grandma just passed away at 103 a few years ago saying the same thing sweet Jesus is coming, what most peoples don’t understand is the brainwashing process start at a early age! Our ancestors was beaten until they excepted Christianity and their names, because our ancestors didn’t was their children to be beaten they teach them about Christianity and the cycle continued until today, most of us won’t take the time to educate ourselves and learn about Christianity because, Religion control peoples through fear bullying and brainwashing! Ask any preacher or any Christian what dynasty did Moses come from and see how they answer!!

    4. @St.Thomas Jamaica News (SJN) as far as I’m concerned the Jesus is coming is just verbal diarrhoea! Humans now have the technology to clone humans and other animals, that’s a form of making another person, it’s sad because the rest of the world is busy finding cures for virus 🦠 building rockets 🚀 satellite 🛰, going to the moon 🌙 trying to build a base on Mars meanwhile the black man is still on his knees waiting for a imaginary god to come out of hiding in the clouds and save him !!

  1. I hope people understand that the amount of infection reported is not the true number. It’s just from those tested, so the positivity could be much higher. Some people are still not taking this thing seriously. I’d like to know how much more proof they need.

    1. @Biggs 66 you no see how many died from covid in Haiti and the numbers keep rising! Covid shake dem up

    2. @Hscamz Hscam foreigners not bring virus there. Most airlines asking for proof of vaccine and they have to show negative Covid test too.

    1. @Juniorh I tell you these blasted stupid people are just annoying. I swear the jackass has more intelligence.

  2. When there is a disaster the Jamaican politician run and hide this time around all politicians need to go out to the front line

  3. I just dislike all Jamaican politician lately I discover Jamaican politician is not who they are the lie detector test is coming

  4. Yes man, the effects of dream weekend, moca fest, etc . I bet most of these new cases wete vaccinated but we not gonna hear that, SMH.

    1. Lol naw you don’t know what you talking about, you don’t even know how they go about counting these number most of the people in the cases are vaccinated people who still get the virus they the one adding up the numbers

  5. I always said each and everyone in the House of Representative should subject to a lie detector test thanks me to God I’m finally getting the machine to come and each and every one of you will hook up to that lie detector test machine enough is enough of all of your nonsense the machine is coming what she should have done the whole speaker is dump the trash in her bedroom then I wouldn’t have no problem with that

  6. Mr. Minister, pass on some of that tourism earnings to the poor people by increasing the minimum wage. and making basic food items more affordable so that we ALL can smile like you are.

    1. It has been passed on. How do you think children’s computers are paid for there and free lunch. If people can pay more than minimum wage they should

    2. @Eileen Watt passed on where??? They pocket the money whilst kids are left without any means for doing online work.

  7. Jamaica needs to stop depending on just tourism and start using their natural resources like farming and selling Marijuana. Manufacture hemp products, cbd oil, etc.. Look how big hemp, cbd and medicinal Marijuana is now world wide. And I’ve always heard that Jamaica has the best.
    This will help the local people and also provide jobs.

    1. I always say that…Marijuana should be jamaica best income…can you imagine what jamaica would be like if this money were to spend in the way….I don’t know what the hell Andrew dumness a wait pon😒

    2. So so agree with you, and training in IT our people are special we can achieve anything I live in the UK and everyone love Jamaica and our achievements

    3. It is the best bit the government don’t want the people to grow it to help the country economy the send the polto raid and then they want to act like they disstraw it they don’t so i agree with you

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