1. and why is the format echoed by Vancouver Sun, and a bunch of other Canadian news outlets. Dumber than beginning a sentence with and…

    2. @Eli I understand that. They are professionals, getting paid to do this. That’s why it is infuriating.

  1. Crap editing, yet again. I wonder if the second half of the video had information worth reading? Nobody will get to know because of pop ups.

  2. When I see global news I always hit dislike. Stop taking money from the government. Your bias shows big time.

    1. He sent billions there and aid /supplies and the leftist Gov. Wanda Vรกzquez, held everything in port and in containers ,she squandered and wasted the money all for political reasons. Have you ever read the news?

  3. Way to stick promos over the text for nearly half of a less than a minute long video. Doesnt lack class at all.

  4. I was able to remove the popups, it says:
    Isaias brought wild winds to the island after it formed off the coast of Pierto Rico late on July 29.
    The National Hurricane Center expected the storm to move over Haiti and the Dominican Republic next.
    Isaias is also expected to reach Florida in the coming days, prompting authorities to close state-supported COVID-19 testing sites in anticipation of the storm.

    1. @Benjie Roberto Nah, it hasn’t been bad to me. In fact, its been rather interesting. I stay home and smoke week/beer all day.

      The more things change the more they remain the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. @Benjie Roberto I hope you’re alright. Do you need something? Maybe I can help a little.

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