Trucker convoy: Ottawa police have started arresting protesters

Trucker convoy: Ottawa police have started arresting protesters 1


  1. , You call that arrested guy one of the leaders. You need to get your facts in order. I could report better than that.

    1. @Myles Hagar You are lost. Do you have the ability to go there, or any of the other protests? Take a walk. Ask some questions. See what you discover.

    2. @BubberGroves Why are there so many confederate flags in Canada? Because 1867 Canada is a confederacy. It has nothing to do with racism, but the fascists will constantly cry about racism that, misogyny this…

  2. As he talked about video footage of someone being arrested, why did they not show it at that time? We saw a group of police walking. That footage was barely relevant.

    1. @Duke Dex the only trash here is your opinion bud. Clearly you lack the brain power if you think what the government is doing is okay

  3. Three minutes and twelve seconds talking and showing indistinct footage. Where is the ACTUAL arrest?

  4. “Our camera’s recorded this, but we will not show you that recording.”
    That’s ok, we already saw it from one of the livestreamers. 👍

    1. So obviously setup, the truckers even said it as it was happening. I would laugh but these commies are making me mad.

  5. It looked like it was a homeless person that had nothing to do with the protest and was lipping off to the cops.

  6. “…and there’s an injunction against that, but they’re doing it anyway!” Yes, Evan. It’s called civil disobedience lmfao 🤣

    1. @Dulmorgoth Unrequested, but required. It brings context to the hypocrisy that Trudeau and his government exhibits.

  7. please stop twisting the story we can see what is actually happening its not 1962 Australia United States etc

  8. Really your cameraperson busting through the officers and none said hey stop?? They were practically pushing them aside. REALLY REALLY NOW.. COMMON!!!@@@!!

  9. Lazy journalism right here. This sounds more like grade schoolers trading rumors with each other. How are you guys considered real news?

  10. Funny how some of the live streamers walked up to the “news” crew who just so happened to be waiting around at the right place for them to catch an arrest on camera….

    1. @Vovin probably where the gang of big guys wearing flashy police vests are? Like, downtown Ottawa is not that big lmao

    1. The protestors have lost credibilty – and destroyed any goodwill they had – sad part is they are calling themselves TRUCKERS tarnishing an entire industry

  11. We saw you guys magically stand right next to the only arrest on livestream. It was almost like you knew where the guy was before shouting “action” 🧐

    1. Are you saying the guy they arrested was in on it? So like, one of the leaders of the convoy was “acting” arrested? Like, what are you even saying? It’s like conspiracy-ception up in here, I swear

    2. Cary Francis I think they mean that the news team was informed ahead of time so they could be there to film/cover the arrest.

  12. You guys are NEVER on the ground, but then you are exactly where you need to be for an arrest. What a joke

  13. You had a camera with the police run in there together and arrest some dude taking his shirt off. Absolutely a plant.

    1. @BiPolar Punt and there’s free food at the protest too. We’ll see what comes out, but wouldn’t be surprised either way.

  14. When did “we think” “maybe” become acceptable reporting? Might as well say “I imagine”…. or did I hear that in there too?

    1. circumstantial evidence is all capitalists can think about, because the truth is irrelevant, only “might makes right” in capitalism, and the news is a capitalist business

  15. I thought it was the land of the free.
    And we are democratic,and in charter of human rights respect other people’s views religions ect…
    What is going on with Canada and parts of world

  16. It was convenient place to have your camera ready to record the arrest of “Chris Barber” welcome to the stage. The host of this show is Canadian gov

  17. Solomon, why are you talking about confederate flags as owning one is a crime? We might find them distasteful, but we have a charter of rights and freedoms in Canada and the right to free expression.

    If a person commits crime motivated by hate that’s a different story, but moral convictions in the public square for opinions and beliefs you don’t share is unbecoming of your profession.

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