Trudeau asked if federal government will fund search for more burial sites at residential schools


    1. @Name Name hahaha! Only those who give out prizes for everyone would rate this guy as worth anything.

  1. Come on Justin. Enough of your word salad flowery answers. Just a yes or no will suffice, then got on the phone to The Vatican and tell them to start writing cheques.

    1. Why the Vatican? The Canadian government allowed this to happen. All of this happened in plain sight. The Church would have had no power had it not been permitted by the government – just ask the pastors of various churches who have been charged for breaking covid restrictions.

    1. @Gaylene Boucher nothing would have been permitted had the government not given them the green light – ask the pastors who have been charged for violating covid restrictions. This happened in plain sight.

    1. Lieberals can’t be bothered to screen political appointments like Governor General, but they are VERY thorough at screening self-described ‘journalists’ from asking the Clown Prince any unscripted questions

    1. The WE scandal is nothing, compared to the Scandal he has coming. By the time the clocks fall back. Trudeau will be exposed for crimes.

  2. How about some clean drinking water to have while this is discussed. Oh wait he still hasn’t delivered on that promise

    1. The resvres could do what every other community does. Use community driven taxes such property taxes and fee’s, along with provincial and federal grants to build the water treatment plants. But i’m guessing they would rather all Canadians pay for instead of the community that is using it

  3. He keeps saying ‘
    “More, ,more, more” yet he fails to elaborate what exactly that means!!!!

  4. You want to know if the federal government is going to fund a mass murder investigation within Canada?

  5. 15 years Trudeau Sr. Allowed those schools to operate hmm…
    Look what Jr. is doing to Canada… Mr divisive politics times two. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

  6. Can you not tell he is thrilled by this because he is going to be the hero in his mind to be in the lime light as this aLl unfolds

  7. Why has the government spent over 3.5 million to stop survivors from receiving compensation, back East?

  8. He’ll gladly use tax payer dollars to set up an investigation to funnel money into him and his cronies pockets while getting exactly nothing done.

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