Trudeau blasts Conservative MPs who met with far-right German politician

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Conservatives 'need to own-up' after Tory MPs met with far-right German politician Christine Anderson.

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    1. Let’s talk about this crime infested dystopian nightmare we live in multiculturalism is our strength?? Does that hold true in 2023? Or is it just one safe to walk outside?

  1. Remember the Ottawa Convoy, JD, you still got lots explaining to do, trampling on the rights of Canadians, name calling, etc, and you, yes you, JD, was hiding in BC, we still remember

  2. Trudeau should really read what he’s preaching. Is severely start practicing what he’s preaching.
    Go Pierre!!

    1. I think Pierre said the exact same line today. I can’t see the difference can you? Go Ukraine…. not a nato ally just a cash grab.

  3. You know when someone is drowning and they start desperately grasping for _anything_ whether it will help or not? This is the political career version of that.

  4. When we talk to the German politicians it’s not rhetoric we have seriously had enough and we seriously intend segregation. We want to separate from this country and start our own country in the sun. Not under the dark cloud, that is this liberal country.

  5. This is a joke why hes not in jail is beyond me and how can anyone stand beside him and listen to this crap is even worse

  6. Whats wrong with talking to everyone? Just because youve had a conversation with someone dosnt mean you support every single view they have or any for that matter. Rogan is a perfect example.

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