Trudeau blasts Poilievre in speech to Liberal Party: “Canada is not broken” | FULL

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blasted Pierre Poilievre in a speech to the Liberal Party, saying the Conservative is undermining' Canada's democracy.

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    1. The saddest part of all this are the slow brained fools who mindlessly support him. They refuse to educate themselves or research the issues. He plays them for the fools they are.

  1. Commission into truckers protest proved justice,rcmp,csis and civil service are so corrupt and broken you’s make banana republics cringe

  2. Hey literally says everything that he is , that’s his manipulation technique like a 6th grader saying no you are thus not me smh.

    1. @MichelleA Butler nope conservatives dont have much in the budget to spread around but the liberals have money to invest in other countries

    2. @MichelleA Butler did doug ford invest in 100 milliom for LGBTQ discrimination? Bunch of drag queens that cant take critisicism

    3. Sure glad everyone wanted to stop doing bare minimum to save it…

      Protested blocking streets to remove all mandates that were helping protect citizens and health care workers.

  3. I’m not happy with this PM at all ,or the entire party, and I’m a liberal minded person. I will vote someone else just to see Trudeau leave.

    1. Don’t vote for the NDP, Ryan, because they are the ones propping up the Liberal government until Sept. 2025.

  4. Canada isn’t broken! It’s being broken give Trudeau 7 more years and those women in labour turned away and told to drive 45 minutes to another hospital won’t even have another one 45 minutes away. Rent will double again, inflation will triple again, hospital wait times with quadruple coast to coast. Homeless camps will double in size.

    1. Trudeau needs to go but scandals are created by the Conservative party. A scandal is when an accusation is loaded with a lot of emotion and forced into the daily news cycle for weeks. This is what the Conservatives do.

  5. Thank you Justin for being there for me…
    Thank you for showing up and taking responsibility for
    Empty food banks
    high food prices
    20 hr waits in emergency…
    Record apartment rent costs…
    Unaffordable housing…
    Why don’t you tell the story about the ww1 soldier in the trenches in 1917.
    How we have it better then that soldier…
    I’m so glad that Canada isn’t broken….
    Well off to my local soup kitchen….

    1. Off to your local soup kitchen because the carbon tax makes it impossible to own a home, and his e act closes bank accounts so you cant get food and he took your guns so you cant even hunt for anything.

  6. I wonder if he carries his silver spoon around with him. He is so disconnected with what Canadians actually need.

  7. Pierre Poillivee ALL THE WAY!!!! Trudeau MUST go… our country is being ruined by him. The working class will have to rebuild what we lost in past 7 years 🙏

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