Trudeau: Canada can’t resettle all the refugees who want to leave Afghanistan

Trudeau: Canada can't resettle all the refugees who want to leave Afghanistan 1


  1. lolol the screen says “Trudeau Taking Questions” lolololol. “Taking” questions. Not to be confused with “Answering” questions.

    1. And it almost did, so what’s your point? He reduced the deficit every year until the pandemic in 2020.

  2. Since our previous efforts in Afghanistan have ended in abject failure, what is the probability that our new efforts will be any better? Seems like we need to reassess our decision making process before springing into action.

    1. “abject failure”, how do you come to this conclusion?? Canada has done really well on the International stage at handling refugees, so if there is something that is an abject failure, it would be nice if you pointed it out.

  3. canadians know how important it is to build Afghanistan for a better future. WTF ……build Canada for a better future

  4. It’s really sad, that Trudeau can’t bring to canada, the populations of all these 3rd world countries. We know he would, if he could – he desperately is looking for voters. Couple questions, though; of the millions of illegal border crossers, etc., he has invited into canada, since 2015; how many are fluent in English, how many are working, and, how many, expect to remain on welfare for the rest of their lives?

  5. Just wondering, if the libs could ever be truthful, about Canada’s debt, and the unemployment figures. The federal debt is running in the trillions, actual unemployment is over 40%, if welfare is included

  6. Its about time he makes the right decision. Long overdue. The number of homeless is increasing and needs attention.

  7. he better stop says .Canadians want’ because he does not listen to Canadians. Does he think before he talks?

  8. When it’s your own employees asking the questions you know they aren’t going to be challenging questions. Even when he answers he doesn’t really answer the question.

    1. @I wish it was 1985 He did answer the questions. Not only that, but Fraser’s response to the questions was very encouraging.

  9. “Trudeau taking Questions in NS after threatening to use police against anyone asking questions in BC less than 24 hours ago ” fixed it for ya

  10. Translation; “we were unable to ascertain that they would likely be future Liberal voters.”

  11. Canadians want to step up?? What are you talking about Trudeau??

    Stop forcing ppl to step up with billions of dollars with no results.

  12. So proud of my country, 40,000 Afghans is huge, welcome to Canada each and every one of you from Afghanistan! Welcome home!

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