Trudeau: Canada ‘won’t be intimidated’ by retaliation from China

Justin Trudeau says expelling a Chinese diplomat is sending a clear message to the regime and Canada won't be intimidated by retaliation.

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  1. Why did it take you two years and a lot of pressure from the opposition to do the obvious right thing?

  2. 😅 he sincerely “shivered” a bit when saying he will not be intimidated by ‘pause retaliation

  3. Amazing how these journalists never call out politicians’ hypocrisy, except the journalists who are already excluded from these softball scrums

  4. Nothing says “we take this very seriously “ like a 2 year delay in taking action. What a clown

    1. What interference? Like arresting foreign CFOs on behave of your master in order to stop the tech advance of a successful competitor company? 😂

  5. “We are saving democracy” or “We are doing whatever it takes to keep Canadians safe!”. So sick and tired of the Liberals and NDP’s using those lines to act like they are saviours to Canadians.

    1. I like it when he says the best interest for Canadians thats how he answers most questions and yet the liberals are so out of touch with True Canadians

  6. Thanks Pierre and Michael, doing the Prime Ministers works since he ignored for 2 years, we need more of them-and less of him.

  7. Why were liberal MPs voting against the removal of outside influence if they are trying to protect our integrity?

  8. And once again our PM embarrassed all Canadians by knee-jerk reactions and short sighted diplomacy. Canada is long overdue for a real leader.

  9. He’s taking this so jokingly it’s scary and dangerous. That little mouth smirk he does says it all.

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