1. And the 15 billion minimum that the provinces are going to see for health care. That’s just from this last year. Could have done it through the covid times as well.

  1. So you make parts, for weapons of war; but you want to choose who gets to have them, thus deciding who can buy what, in a free market society? What a joker!

    1. @Adam Ant i don’t live in america, i guess i didn’t want to point fingers; but you are right, they are just as corrupt down south.

  2. Thank you Justin for being concerned about something no one cares about in Canada..
    How about concerning the 15 hour waits at emergency..
    Or the empty food banks…
    Or the hyper inflation…
    Or the rising interest rates..
    Or the price of renting…
    Or the epidemic of drug related deaths…
    Oh sorry. These issues are real….

  3. Really shows how dubiously ignorant and truly out of touch with not only the country that he so grossly misrepresents , but to world affairs. Like Iran cares what Trudeau thinks.

  4. I’m completely shocked he didn’t brag how the liberals have made dental care available for Canadian children and $10 day daycare…..

  5. Have you noticed these guys are always “working hard to” and never actually “getting anything done.”
    The automatic follow up question would be ‘what is being done and be specific sir”.
    Never happens.
    Just an observation.

  6. I’m even more surprised canada makes parts…..I thought we imported everything from third world countries lol

  7. I live in Canada. Where is this so called technology. Let’s use it to make our lives better. I am still baffled by how someone can use so many words and still say nothing. Wow.

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