Trudeau Foundation | Poilievre spars with Holland in question period

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre and Government House Leader Mark Holland sparred over the Trudeau Foundation during question period.

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  1. No direct or indirect ties to the foundation, UNNTTIILL he is out of office and can start cashing the cheques…

  2. if mr holland wants to act like a clown at least he looks like a clown bet he never wears this jacket again

    1. He has the trans colours on. All that’s missing is a bright pink wig and some makeup. lol 😂

  3. You know you have them in a corner when their only response is to talk about cryptocurrency. Embarrassing state of affairs in Ottawa:

    1. well i mean he really does think crypto is a solution…lol which is hilarious….if thats the conservative economic solution then this country is doomed.

  4. Question period is a joke, our government is the laughing stock of the world. I’m so embarrassed to be Canadian right now.

  5. It isn’t Mr. Poilievre’s job to “provide productive solutions to the issues that face this Country righ now.”
    If Mr. Holland believes it’s Poilievre’s job to provide solutions he and his Boss should step aside.

    1. well i mean he is the opposition leader trying to become the next PM, you dont think he should be coming up with solutions instead of playing childish games.

  6. What is Mr Trudeau’s recommendation to hedge against inflation? I so look forward to hearing from him…

  7. After 8 years of gibberish from JUSTIN.
    Let’s put the NDP & liberals in the rear view mirror.
    I’m 100 % to vote ☑️Conservative Party of Canada🥰

  8. What are they trying to claim? That Trudeau doesn’t even know what’s happening in his own office? Explains a lot.

  9. I wonder how the Liberal MP’s feel, having to NOT answers all of these direct questions from the house. I wonder how the feel having to make complete fools of themselves on national television, having to make excuses for their leader – who isn’t even there.

    I wonder if they feel like they are back in high school, trying to explain to the teacher, as to why their “friend” is skipping class.

    I’ll tell you how they should feel – shameful, and disgraced.

  10. The Trudeau Foundation doles out $2.4M in grants each year. The annual overhead for office spaces, wages etc costs the Trudeau Foundation is $2.4M. Pretty expensive overhead. What other charity has operating costs equal to what they fund? I always thought the idea of a charitable Foundation was to help those in need.

  11. Can the Liberals for once answer the questions they’re posed? They’re making mockery of the Q&A session!

  12. Imagine what our country could achieve if we didn’t have to waste so much time discussing Justin’s fraud and ethics violations

  13. Like it or not life was far much better under harper than JT. Everything was more affordable from rent to housing, foods and the list goes on.

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