Trudeau reflects on Bains' political career: 'We will miss him around the cabinet table' 1

Trudeau reflects on Bains’ political career: ‘We will miss him around the cabinet table’


PM Trudeau sends a heartfelt message to Navdeep Bains and reflects on his career in politics and his time spent in cabinet.

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    1. Ha. You think Toronto is going to vote any different ? Or Quebec is not going to vote the bloc back in ? There not going anywhere till Ontario and Quebec get their shot together

  1. That’s a smart politician. They make some under table money then get out of the spot light before they get caught.

    1. He probably sensed it’s the end of the road for the Lib government and decided that now was the time to jump ship. He will still get his pension (which we will all be paying for) though.

  2. this is so pompous of him….to stand there and be like, hey they got you but they will never get me …hehehehehehehehehehe.

  3. Nice ratio , any shuffling that doesn’t include shuffling Trudeau out the door, is merely lipstick on a pig

  4. Navdeep Baines and David Saint-Jacques Canadian Space Agency astronaut “outer” space hoaxers.

  5. There is only one walk in the cold and snow we need to hear about or see from our federal prime minister. It’s his reenactment of the famous one from an explorer that said “I am just going outside, I may be sometime”. He never came back !

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