Trudeau responds to calls for public inquiry | Chinese election interference

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to growing calls for an inquiry into alleged attempts by China to interfere in Canadian elections.

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    1. This PM never answers a question. If there is an investigation he will put one of his cronies in to decide in his favor.

    1. Yes, many times. Many more times than Poilievre has, but that’s not hard when Pierre answers no questions.

  1. So let’s have a public inquiry with a conservative judge leading. Be transparent Justin. Do what you said you would do way back in 2015. We all know you won’t.

  2. so basically, let the bureaucracy get together for a bunch of Zoom meetings, get nothing done, and then expect the Canadian population to say “oh great, another study”

  3. taking questions: ok
    answering questions: well see, the thing about questions is that answers to questions are generally accepted to be some form of reasonably answered questions and said questions should be answered.


  4. How does he sleep at night knowing that he has never told the truth to canadians. My conscience would get the best of me

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