Trudeau says he did not want Wilson-Raybould to lie as SNC-Lavalin affair re-emerges

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau faced new questions over the SNC-Lavalin affair on the campaign trail Sunday morning.

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  1. What’s new? When has he EVER taken personal RESPONSIBILITY for any of his manipulations ? No expectations of any changes on this issue that’s for sure.

  2. Ok this just sealed the deal for me, and there is no doubt in my mind. More like he’s worried she’ll tell the truth! This is rather sickening actually.

  3. PLEASE ! Please Read Jody Wilson Raybould’s story in the Globe and Mail.  Justin shows his true colors!!

  4. All I can think about when ever I hear Trudeau talk is “We have recently starting drinking waterbottles out of water, er, water out of waterbottles made of plastic, no sorry, we’re going away from plastic, towards paper, like, water drink box type things”.

  5. He’s got his toadies out en masse trying to change the channel to gun control (which has been a failure) or their environmental policies (also failing).

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