Trudeau says he’ll get second dose of AstraZeneca in ‘coming weeks’ | COVID-19 in Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that his doctor has recommended he get a second vaccine dose of AstraZeneca in the coming weeks.

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  1. It’s worth pondering if he would actually have this one. For all we know about his less than honest demeanour, he probably is getting the mad erna one anyway. This is him being completely untruthful about this whole situation. AGAIN!

  2. Dislikes are 4 times the likes already, i wonder why? πŸ€” 😁🌹🌹🌹

  3. Miss the days when Trudeau said viruses do not understand borders, therefore we leave them open.

    1. I see you got my terminology that’s the only thing that I can actually accuse Trudeau duping Delight all the time so unbelievable I do everything opposite that whatever he is

  4. I’ll stick it to him! Hell, I’ve had enough practice on that voodoo doll I made…lol. Get a haircut!

    1. its reported trudeau already has a blood clot, the blood clot is still searching for trudeaus brain

    2. So, you’re commenting just to demonstrate how little you know?

      Cool. Wear your ignorance like a big ol purple hat with big blue ostrich feathers stickin up from it. A bright yellow boa and you’d be set.

  5. β€œThat’s not my job as Prime Minister, my job as Prime Minister is, uh ….uh….uh, uuuuuuh”

  6. He can’t even breathe…lol…did anyone notice how he said “the government does not make health recommendations “?

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