Trudeau snaps back after Chinese ambassador's comments 1

Trudeau snaps back after Chinese ambassador’s comments


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded after the Chinese ambassador to Canada claimed Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were arrested for "undermining China's national security."

Here's what he had to say.


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  1. “Snaps back” are you kidding me? I could hear the wind whistling where his spine should be. And an echo where two other things should be.

    1. Serious question, without bias: What would you have liked to hear as responses to those questions?

    2. snap back? snapping back involves lots of yelling and carrying on and using lots of swearing. I guess this is Canadian snap back 🙂

  2. That was snapping back?
    Could have sworn that was the same word salad that been coming from Trudeau since he entered politics.

    1. Lololol, word salad is the perfect description. He has never, not once answered a question. You dont even need him there all you have to do speak some tripe about always standing up fo blah blah blah.

    1. @Stan Muir He said it like a year before he ran for PM. It’s one of his more famous unfortunate remarks.

    1. He needed to buy indigenous votes. Uyghars are not in Canada so he doesn’t need to buy their votes.

    2. The useless blackface, speaking moistly… he and his cabinet abstained from the vote in the House of Commons.

  3. Trudeau was so mad with the ambassador’s remarks that he almost hit him with his purse! You go girl!

  4. i wonder why his masters ordered him to have an opposing view? they always keep me guessing. it’s a hell of a show.

  5. We will continue, because we like to continue, and we will always continue. We like to continue even when nothing is done.

    1. Attending or not attending is not a decision the government could legally make or enforce. Such a decision would contravene the Charter. It is up to individual athletes to make a decision for themselves.

    2. @gary That’s not completely true, Individual athletes could choose to go but in Canada decided not to participate in the game then those athletes wouldn’t be allowed to represent the country.

  6. trumped up: invented as an excuse or a false accusation.
    “he was arrested on trumped-up charges”

  7. “The parliament of Canada was very clear about it’s concerns…” But you weren’t there, were you Mr. Trudeau? Why weren’t you or your cabinet there voting with the rest of parliament? Care to answer that one?

  8. It sounds like hes a lecturing a misbehaving 5th grade bully but is fearful of the parents. You aren’t a teacher anymore, buddy. Get a grip.

  9. Lol “snaps back” that’s cute , just when u thought Canadian politics couldn’t be more Canadian.

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