Trudeau | Violence against police officers in Canada must stop #shorts

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid tribute to Sgt. Eric Mueller, the OPP officer killed in a shooting in Bourget.

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  1. I feel sorry for anyone that continues to support this guy. It must be really tough not being let past the driveway.

  2. For a drama teacher, his acting is terrible. Genuine condolences to the families of these human beings.

  3. Trudeau voted against bail reform and also is responsible for the extremely relaxed laws now.

    1. Trudeau voted FOR bail reform. The current problems with bail are because of the bail reform that happened in 2017 and 2019. There hasn’t been a federal bail reform vote since, although there are plans to revisit the bail issue soon.

  4. When your policies are soft on crime and the punishment is no longer feared… It emboldens such behaviour

  5. Defund the police, REMEMBER??? It is your own fault and he needs to be accountable for his own actions!
    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction!!

  6. I’ll start to care when trudeau starts to care about the violence against canadians from catch and release criminals.

  7. Trudeau you’re the leader who is responsible for giving these crooks and cop killers a SALON DOOR.

  8. Trudeau has absolutely no leg to stand on. Why is this person still entrenched in the PMO.

  9. Yeah, so prosecute the dummies who throw gravel at your bus but let all the actual criminals out before their arrest paperwork is done. Justin is a world class drip.

  10. The PM’s number 1 priority… is to protect everyone in the country! He has failed miserably!!

  11. Because of their crappy policies, like targeting law abiding firearms owns instead of being tough on crime. What a joke.

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