Trudeau vs. O’Toole: Nanos explains how the Tory leader is closing the popularity gap | TREND LINE

Trudeau vs. O'Toole: Nanos explains how the Tory leader is closing the popularity gap | TREND LINE 1


  1. Look, at this point, a kitchen chair or a particularly nice toaster are both more trustworthy and popular than is Justin Trudeau.

  2. Why not ask Canadians how they feel about estranged wife Sophie building herself a new 3.6 million dollar mansion at Harrington Lake with our money???

  3. The Irish mime probably is as popular as Turdeau – neither can get any lower because neither is capable of an honest answer to any question. Both are incapable of running a country – unfortunately we have no other party (or leader) that is capable either!

  4. O’Toole is still not popular enough to get Ontario votes. He needs serious Ammo to pick up the pace and convince voters to turf Trudeau.

  5. CONServatives ONLY represent the wealthiest 1%. CONS don’t give a crap about anyone other than the wealthiest!!! And I’m no fan of Trudeau either.

  6. Is not a “Popularity” contest to win the next election.It’s not about screaming at each other across the isle. It’s not about the next Gallup poll results.
    It’s about who will actually WORK for all Canadians.
    If these politicians did that, then they wouldn’t have to worry about popularity.

    1. Scarry ! Greens support trudeau !
      search -:” STEEPER 33- :” Trudeau Dictatorship exposed in house .”

  7. They’re both useless.

    Pierre Poilievre or the people’s party is our only hope to save this country.

  8. Trudeau may be a 3 but otoole is s 2.
    If this is the best the cons got, Trudeau will be PM next election.
    The only thing otoole has is that he’s not Trudeau

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