Trudeau's chief of staff will testify before defence committee 1

Trudeau’s chief of staff will testify before defence committee


The prime minister’s chief of staff, Katie Telford, will appear before the House of Commons’ defence committee on Friday.

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  1. Well her husband has a lucrative contract with the liberals. So I doubt she has much more integrity than others

  2. I wonder what their pillow talk will be like. Babe you going to on my bro’s? Don’t you want that new Louis purse from their Spring collection?

  3. Trudeau might want to open the in door dinning because he will be washing dishes come 2022

  4. Why is the Minister of Defence not held accountable? How many times does he have to mess up for Trudeau to realize he is unqualified for the job.

  5. So hold on the Chief of staff has to answer questions but Trudeau has escaped questions on SNCLav & WE scandals??!! Oh that’s right they implicated him not a minion like Vance!!

  6. he has 3 ethics violations and is still in power. A 4th is just another stripe on his villan jacket

  7. I’m thinking there will be a new strain of covid come election time. Unfortunately we wont be allowed to vote in person but the absentee ballots will be happy to reelect Trudeau.

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