Trudeau’s heated response to Conservatives highlights ‘intense, bitter partisanship’ around protests


    1. He doesn’t want to deal with the issues. Either that or he’s not allowed to deal with them. There are higher powers involved.

  1. It is a moment that captured jt off guard, he ran away…because he can’t think on his own or on his feet. Does he have to apologize, in person, to her face, when he comes back. There is a War Act that he called, does he actually have to stay in the House, or can he just keep walking away from his duties. He say ‘illegal’ protests, in the House, when they are not. No one is calling his on this. He is a disgrace.

    1. @roof pizza not sure you know how this goes. Vote of no confidence only needs 170 votes. Then the Governor general decides if its a new election or someone else steps in

  2. He’s losing support by the way he is not answering these Questions. He is done in Canada and will not be welcomed here once his time is up and that maybe sooner then later!

    1. While he’s still here tho… he’ll bring this country so down beyond the point of no return… he’s killed Canada and he’s not finished yet

  3. This clown has come unhinged. Where are the opposition parties and why hasn’t a vote of non confidence taken place yet?

  4. Trudeau needs to go! That speaker of the house should be ashamed of calling him “The Honourable Prime Minister” what a joke!

  5. The real question is …when a tree falls in the woods and there’s no Trudeau around to hear it ….does it still make a noise?When you ask Trudeau a question he’ll talk about how balloons fly but away from you .

  6. Trudeau must resign, the way he insulted that Jewish woman is unacceptable. Trudeau is the worst prime minister Canada has ever had, a embarrassment to our country.

  7. Why are we not holding the speaker of the house in contempt? Shouldn’t he be ensuring that questions are actually answered and not completely ignored? What is the point of caucus? A question is hardly ever answered.

  8. Oh is this guy still in the office? I thought he would have resigned by now… oh well, prolonging the inevitable

  9. I hope that all who see this video send an email to your M.P., M.L.A., Mr. Trudeau, and ask for his resignation. A “Dictator” cannot be allowed to run Canada. It is time for him to go.

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