Trump Accuses Obama Of Treason, Pushes Mail-In Voting Conspiracy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Imagine being so obsessed about your predecessor that you forget to care for your people during a global pandemic…

    1. Imagine destroying the infrastructure and information developed by your predecessor that would have helped you during the pandemic.

    1. Trump’s going to have to learn to tie Obama’s shoes bc Obama will be in handcuffs!!!!!!!!!

    2. @KING OF TSEDEQ When does a president tie the shoes of anyone much less your fantasy prisoner? Weird joke dude.

    3. @Mr. McGringus Just a courtesy from a “just” President. That’s all. You wouldn’t know anything about being just.

    4. @KING OF TSEDEQ I do know not to crap my pants while playing president and singing the praises of Putin, though.

  2. *When I was in the Army the only way we could vote was by mail. It’s impossible to cheat using mail in ballots*

    1. @Matthew Caesar Any real proof it did happened in CA????? If you got the information from Trump of Fox News, is not VALID, IT’S ALL LIES. If Americans do not TRUST AND BELIEVE IN THE VOTING SYSTEM, WE ARE DOOM.

    2. @Matthew Caesar Matt what are you doing running to this thread? You never answered my question . How do you get your inside information that even the media doesn’t know about?

    3. @Matthew Caesar 30 some odd million people voted by mail-in ballot in 2016 with no substantial fraud according to election officials. That number includes Donald Trump and all his Jackalope Buddies

    4. @Matthew Caesar Matthew! You are so full of sh*t! Trumps own commission was disbanded cause they did not find any proof in the California voting in 2016. All lies and propaganda by Hannity and Fox News!

  3. Here’s an idea. How about all the media he so hates stop giving him air time. That would drive him insane!

    1. @Miguel Nava the media’s job is to report news and focus attention on what the people want know about, that’s how they make money.

    2. Not feasible since that would not stop Faux Noise, InfoWars and all of the other Reich Wing propaganda sites from promoting their lies. Not opposing them makes them the only “news” sources.

    3. I suggested that, instead of posting about trump, stop for 3 weeks on purpose…… But they can’t because they are the news and example a cleaner has to clean, if they go to work and don’t clean they are fired… same with news. Unless we civilians help them out???. maybe????????????? Suggest it on facebook over and over and over non stop more than 1 mil people?.

  4. The fact that he is actively trying to stop mail-in voting means that he himself is committing voter fraud.

    1. @John Keith …”Built by Ivanka Trump in China”…..? Are these the same machines, for whuch, Mitch McConnell received Donations from LOBBYISTS (for Voting Machine) while refusing to bring to the Senate floor Bills Passed by the House to better Secure our Elections Systems? Does Ivanka Trump hold the License to these machines?

  5. Obama’s only two crimes were (1) being Black, (2) Black while being the President of the United States. Every racist in this country (including Trump) has been trying to put Obama in jail every since Obama became #44

    1. Obama ain’t black. If was black he’d speak out against 150 shootings in 3 days in his base city Chicago. Instead he encourages it. No one attacked him 4 being black. It’s because he’s a disloyal fake phony pony.

    2. JackTheAverage what President has not had to do what he was being pressed by the Military to do? Show me one who did not behave ‘badly’ while holding office? If America had kept its nose out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc, it would never have happened. Presidents are at the pointy end but with little power unless Congress or the Senate allow it. Who was totally in control during Obama’s Term? The Republicans for whom a war is considered good business. If America isn’t fighting a war somewhere, your economy is cactus.

  6. Once again he’s projecting his own crimes on someone else. And demonstrating that he does not understand the law.

    1. The hermit. Trumps a criminal should be in Jail.(Me): 4 what crime? (Hermit)” I don’t know really”…. Lofl😆😆😘

    2. @Eddie G Robinson Income tax evasion, Trump University fraud, Trump Foundation fraud, emoluments violations hosting foreign leader in Trump hotels, misappropriation of funds by diverting military funds to the border wall, etc, etc.
      Do your own research and pay attention.

    3. The Hermit. Wasn’t Robert Mueller the best investigator the US has to offer. Had 2 YEARS to dig up dirt on Trump and found nothing. NOTHING!!!. That wasn’t good enough 4 you. Wow U Trump haters are driven purely by hatred and malice. JFK exposed demorat secret societies that’s why the Kennedy curse. Ed Snowden exposed ya too that’s why everybody who doesn’t buy your bs u call a Russia operative all of a sudden. Cause u loose legitimately every time. Democrat swamp is currupt.

    1. @Eddie G Robinson Well, if Bill Barr says it, it MUST be true! And I have a bridge to sell you.

    2. Austerityarthreitus his words better than dom lemon Anderson Cooper. But apparently that’s good enough 4 u

  7. Like someone wrote: not sure if he’s thought through the implications of investigating a former President. What an utter ignoramus. Remember to Throw Out the Trash in November.

    1. Throw out the trash brag in the evil corpse huh. U guys must really love human trafficking.smh

  8. Oh my God this guy will go to any lengths to accuse people of things that never happened I think he’s completely lost it

  9. Face it, these are the final desperate acts of a man-child that knows he’s history in November… So Sad. 🤦‍♂️

  10. Love that he admitted that he thinks if everyone voted Republicans would never win again. His distain for democracy is amazing

    1. @Eddie G Robinson : Your comment “sucks.” It’s a crazy comment that should be removed.

    2. @Catherine S. Todd as dumb as it is it’s really a accurate name for the government today. This is country is losing its democracy and we’re left with crazy 😓

    1. @Maria Romero and he also increased the federal budget deficit by over 40%. The country is technically bankrupt.

    2. @Maria Romero desegregation happened when I was in public school in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

  11. It’s long past the time to send in the guys in white coats to throw a net over this nut bar.

  12. He’s behaving more and more like an old-fashioned Communist dictator, fixing on his predecessor as a scapegoat.

    1. @Eric Oh bless, you idealist. That might be what it says on the tin but it’s not what people do in real life. Whether their ideology is communist, fascist, or any variety of religion, nothing stops the human being from savagely butchering and brutalising his neighbour in the name of righteousness.

    2. @Eric no eric you have been misinformed – communism is just the opposite side of the same coin to fascism – both stem from authoritarianism and totalitarianism

  13. So the guy who dropped to his knees in front of putin in Helsinki is calling Obama a traitor? Time to scurry back to you’re bunker little man.

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