Trump Administration Officially Authorizes Biden Transition | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Trump Administration Officially Authorizes Biden Transition | Morning Joe | MSNBC


After weeks of delay, the head of the General Services Administration informed President-elect Joe Biden on Monday that the official governmental transition process has been approved. Aired on 11/24/2020.
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Trump Administration Officially Authorizes Biden Transition | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. My great great great grandfather voted Biden and he died before I was even though about,
      It baffles me as he was a Scotsman and had never left scotland

    2. Yes, Donald tRump is the worlds biggest Whiner. Instead of pretending he didn’t lose. He should save his energy for all those legal battles he has coming up as a private citizen. Unless of course he moves to North Korea. ;0)

    3. trump is whining on the ground ,shaking his body, arms, legs and kicking his shoes off and screaming : ..wheee,whee,whee….i wont leave….i did not lose…wheee,wheee,whee 🤣

  1. Transition is priority. It’s much quieter not hearing from trump, we finally have a peace of mind. Thanks, much prayer/blessings for you!

    1. @Chad Simmons
      Where’s the evidentiary support?? That would help for starters. Now you’re using the pandemic as an excuse? You’re a lowlife .

    2. @Raven R
      There’s signed certification its done. Closed he can petition all he wants. Like an old Chinese saying, ” no tickee no shirtee ” electoral is the first week in December. Its done . You lost

    3. @Kevin Lopez I find it easy to circumvent any need of evidence, its called the Democrat strategy. Anyone in disagreement is a derelict (AKA) a Kevin Lopez.

    1. @Borvo That’s a classic confusion between mean (the average) and median (the middle). Half of all people need not be below (or above) average. Take 1,000,000 people of IQ 80, and one of IQ 140. 999,999 people are therefore below average.

    2. @tgmforum Median is considered better than average if the data set is known to have some extreme values (high or low). In such cases, median gives a more realistic estimate of central value. Average is considered a better estimate of central value if the data is symmetrically distributed. – – – Human intelligence (IQ) is considered t be symmetrically distributed.
      When people talk about “average” human intelligence, statistically they’re talking about the mean of scores made available from scientifically accepted IQ tests. It’s been discovered that over the course of time human beings have gotten smarter, a discovery known as the Flynn Effect. With this increase in IQ it means that the “average human IQ” we see today is significantly higher than it was a hundred years ago. Scores are evaluated periodically, and the tests adjusted, so that the average score on most intelligence tests such as the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale’s mean score is 100 and maintains the standard IQ distribution known as the IQ bell curve.

      I hope this information helps you.
      Stay safe!

  2. he doesnt have one. single. redeeming. characteristic. He is entirely sociopathic, along w everyone in his family and his cabinet and GOP electeds. Sociopathy is LEARNED.

    1. @ourLordJesusChristlives lovefortheonewho1stlovedus Attempt to read something other than the Bible…Why don’t you learn the word Agape??? Then live it!!!

    2. @Dan Bartz
      Trump wanted to bomb Iran nuclear facilities just last week,,,, and for what?,,, just to leave a mess for Biden to clean up

    3. @Okkie Trooy So AGAIN TRUMP is Russia’s most effective lethal weapon. Does he defect on Jan 21st or just prior to arraignment??!!??

    4. @Neilh 2105 I don’t know. I fortunately cannot look in his brain. But there are several possibilities:
      * Out of spite; revenge. Scoured earth tactics. Making lifea as hard as possible for Joe Biden. Then critizising him relentlessly and keeping the decision going in the USA.
      * getting back/ punishing european countries because they were not boring a long with his whims. He had for example quite slome run-ins with Merkel and the Normandië with Macron is wat over.
      * Making Putin happy because he wants a tower in Moscow or because of the money coming out of Russia.
      * Probably all these reasons.

      Putin has a high return on his investment. Access to the Middle East and no surveillance anymore from NATO allies at his western border.
      Germany and therefore also the rest of Europe is now open for Russia because this stunt but also the removal of American troops from Germany.
      If a country wants to change agreements that is of course possible but then with forewarning, a riskanalysis and actions to handle these risks.
      The USA is again not a reliable partner.

      Edit: unfortunately changes to fortunately.

    5. @Atlantic Beach Junior for sure acts that way. If you have in your genes a vulnerability for developing into a narcissist or socio/psychpath, but it for sure does not help If one of your parents has this disorder.

  3. It’s repulsive at the amount of effort these Republicans have gone to subvert our election process just to keep that man in office..Thank goodness their are those who still believe in democracy

    1. poor emily. she thought her last day at work would be the day she let the dems start to do theirs… but only continued to serve bunker baby until he gave her the “OK”. Now she can only work for trump… or maybe the My Pillow guy in his factory in Bangaladesh.

    1. He didn’t concede. He’s coming up with another conspiracy of how Frederick Douglas colluded with China to steal the election from him.

    1. @Jaime Gonzalez sad that you believe that this is all over with now that he’s no longer president. Im from NYC but now live in Virginia, and I don’t feel safe at all being around these magats- who knows what they have planned for me and those who look like me.

    2. God gave president Trump a chance to do it right but he lie to our country an done such a terrible job he fired many people in the white house karma always comes back to get you an now american has spoken an guess who is getting fired now( game over Trump hope we never ever see you again.

    1. @Adam Langton Lol, I did notice the Hussein flag; I was leaving that for any second exchange of views. Actually didn’t expect crickets. Oh well.

    2. @Izan Reverof you calling anyone else a brainwashed moron is the most ironic response. When are you going to stop crying about trump’s big loss?

    3. But but riots but but Antifa but but obama but but Hillary but but Biden but but hunter Biden
      Prepare to hear that from the lunatics trumpets for the next four years
      Before you broken records mention Russia
      Trump never did clear his name since
      He never did testify
      You lost bye bye

    1. @Raven Rodriguez God does not make mistakes.

      Anyways…. God and Trump should never be put into the same sentence together.

    2. lookslike a corrupt parasite might be now going in, from uk, good luck to you if biden does become president jsut wait and see how usa will be the laughing stock of the world

    3. @The Blue Wave
      “This will not stand!, God appointed Trump as president and KING”

      It seems “God” changed His Mind about Trump.I edge you to continue in fervent prayers with fastings and a miracle will happen-Trump will be reelected.U are not just delusional but pathetic.Which “God” appointed Trump as a president?The Ameican god or the God of the Holy Bible?

      I dont blame you perhaps you are a follower of those corrupt prophets(on CBN and Sid Roth’s ISN) who blatantly insisted that “God” had told them that DJ Trump was to be reelected.
      Unfortunately they will never explain to their large gullible congregations why they lied but they easily take excuse and solace in “voter fraud theory”.May God grant us the spirit of discernment to see from ONLY God’s perspective and to differentiate the fake from the original prophets.

      Deuteronomy 18:22
      If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.

      1Kings 22:1-40
      400 prophets claimed they heard from God and lied to King Ahab .Their prophecies- their lying spirits resulted in the death of King Ahab.

  4. Trump has been a loser all his life , I don’t know why he is so surprised. A successful man doesn’t go bankrupt 6 times . Lol 😂

    1. @Mike Eastridge Lol, that’s ignorant. Of basic English, I mean. You might not have _intended_ to say that Trump changed the Constitution, but that is the meaning of what you wrote. 😄

    2. @5eurocups2005 You say _that,_ but the closer you look, the less of a billionaire he is. It’s all an enormous, lifelong grift—calling yourself a billionaire doesn’t make you one. Do you believe him that he’s a billionaire? He’s such a pathological liar that he was _committed to not conceding the election no matter what the result was._ That alone should tell you something about him. In his worldview, if he is in the contest, he is the winner. That’s a sick man.

    3. He had potencial and he blew it. He used Presidency for personal gain, he promoted racism and supremist group and other groups, he was for the rich he didn’t give a dam abt raising minimum wage and the S..o.b. was trying to get rid of social security leaving our elderly on the streets all around he didn’t do anything for the country he made a lot of promises but mostly lies. I don’t think he realized how bad people had began to hate him. I will never forget how he handled Covid!!

    1. @Redwood Madrone Question: if trump goes to prison or flees the country, does he lose his secret service detail? … asking for a friend.

    2. @Redwood Madrone Trump isn’t gonna face any legal action. Period. Second, the secret service protect presidents even after their term. For life.

    1. Alex Villegas

      Personally I see Biden as more of an agent Coulson… (movie version, not A.o.S. because I haven’t seen any of it)

      Nothing particularly special, but people like him and he represents a better ideal than what we currently have. In times of crisis he can motivate people and restore their faith in the ideals that drive most of us… but again, isn’t particularly useful beyond that.

      I voted for Biden happily, but I also realize that Biden is ~probably~ not going to do much of anything drastic in any direction. Depending on how Georgia’s run-off’s go, Biden will likely have a Senate that will be very difficult to pass anything through… judge nominations, bills… anything really.

      If McConnell is Senate Majority leader after the run-offs, expect that any judge appointment attempts… at *any* level… will be too close to an election year to hold a hearing on… so 2021 will be too close to the 2022 mid-terms to consider a nominee…

      Jan 1st, 2022 would be madness to hold judge nomination hearings as it’s just too close to the mid-terms as well… what with it being a mid-term election year and all…

      Jan 1st 2023 would be unacceptable for judge nomination hearings as the 2024 election is ~basically~ underway…

      and Jan 1st, 2024 itself? Well that’s just insane to try and appoint a new judge at that point… “the people should have a say” 🙄

      But also, as long as Pelosi is Speaker of the House, the hate-boners that Pelosi and McConnell have for each other will continue to be preverbal road-spikes to anything that requires actual working together. McConnell will simply block anything from being discussed/voted on, and Pelosi will insist on all-or-nothing approaches that even her own party will disagree with.

      I see trump as more of a “dumbest possible version” of Arnim Zola… a complete madman who lives in a digital make-believe, alone in a giant complex (trump Tower/Mar-a-Lago) that… soon… most nobody will ~want~ to visit while he toils away on twitter…

      but Arnim Zola was at least a bonafide genius… trump is so moronically dumb that he makes most people *feel* like genius’ by comparison.

  5. Trump isn’t Democrats friends. But you want to hear something funny? He’s not Republicans friends either. Trump is,was and has been all about Trump. In his mind it’s him. Then there’s the rest of us.

    1. He calls our military vets suckers and losers and he calls his own supporters disgusting. They haven’t caught on though, they are too busy being stupid donating to his “legal battles” 😂

    1. I was completely shocked when I saw his first tweet. I said what kind of professional would do such a thing! 4 years later I am completely numb and my brain is desensitized from this sicko and the ugly disgrace he creates like a maggot in a garbage pail. Why can not all the people see that?

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