Trump ally Robert Costello testifies in Stormy Daniels hush money case

Jon Sale, the former assistant special Watergate prosecutor, describes Robert Costello, a fellow attorney who testified in front of the grand jury investigating former President Donald Trump, to CNN’s Erin Burnett. Then, CNN’s panel of experts, including a former member of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, break down the latest in the possible indictment against the former president. #CNN #News


  1. After Bob Costello has been trumpified, his testimony should be scrutinized intensively. Any capable of honest lawyer have distanced themselves from Trump.

    1. ​@Debra Johnson He’s a “Trump hater” who has gone in front of the grand jury to beg them not to indict Trump? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. Yeah well, Americans loved The apprentice and look what happened with the star of the show. Comparing credentials of Michael C and Mr. Robert means absolutely zip in this day in time. We thought a lot of our politicians had credientials to hold office….. and they don’t.

    1. Because a Lawyer’s job is to represent only. whether it’s the side of Truth or Lie that they stand they’re not sure about it. Hence they don’t require to take an oath

    2. @Robbie S The lawyers job is to steal as much money from his client because he has a law degree and his client doesn’t know the law. Slime is the law.

  3. Imagine how different things would be if Trump pardoned Cohen instead of letting him rot in prison. Way to go Donny… you played yourself.

    1. Good point. Didn’t his counsel tell him, vengeance is great boss. But you and Cohen worked together on that job.

    2. If Trump was a loyal person and not so selfish and narccessistic he should have pardoned the J6 people who were protesting on his behalf …

  4. It’s not about Cohen coming on TV too often but the facts, testimonials, emails, phone calls etc.

    1. ​@Marcel Dagenais Cohen is represented by attorney Laney Davis, as he has been since at least 2018.

    2. ​@Jaak Savat no it’s up to the AG or Prosicuting attorney. Grand jury only gives recommendation for inditements.

    3. ​@Christopher first they need an actual crime not one that in new york is a misdemeanor that the prosecutor is trying to make in to a felony. That from several retired AG’S and federal prosicutors and two distinguished law professors. That is why no one wanted to prosicute this case before. The happened 7 years ago this statue of limitation was two years there is that also. This kind of crap is what drove me from the democrat party. Now i’am a independent with the democrats giving me very little reason to ever vote for them nationally. But they do locally and state wide.

  5. The 7 year delay is at least partially due to the DOJ Memo that prevented prosecution of a sitting president…not a law, or anything in our Constitution, and opinion memo.

    1. Do you mean like the Obama MEMO to okay DACA ..? 😉
      You’re correct, a memo 📝 from a POTUS is not a law …

    2. @KELLI KELLI In 1973, the Department concluded that the indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President would impermissibly undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions. We have been asked to summarize and review the analysis provided in support of that conclusion, and to consider whether any subsequent developments in the law lead us today to reconsider and modify or disavow that determination.1 We believe that the conclusion reached by the Department in 1973 still represents the best interpretation of the Constitution.

      The opinion was specifically drafted to protect Nixon from prosecution. Nixon was impeached, but never indicted, tried or convicted.

    3. ​@Norm Lang You are 100% correct, except that Nixon was never formally impeached either. The impeachment hearings were held in the House, but Republicans convinced Nixon to resign before the House took the formal vote which would have impeached him.

  6. Any one who puts himself out there on behalf of DT, further abusing one of his victims, is slime in my eyes. Could care less if one of his old establishment pals vouches for him.

  7. This guy calling Costello “honorable” & “truthful” apparently thinks that assuring someone he has “friends in high places” who can either help or hurt him. Based on wether he snitches or not. Bish PLEASE !!! What is CNN doing ????!

    1. Their new owner, gar right leaning, forced them to report on “both sides”, which means, they must be more friendly to trump and ultra right wingers.

    1. 300 emails? Is that a joke? What could be soread our over 300 emails?

      It sounds like he wanted to slow things down.

    2. ​@nosuchthing8 Russian delusion is now indictment excitement. Nothing burger is all you serve.😂

    3. @Morgan Stevens Cohen served time for this, and so Trump will at least be indicted for this.

      Trump was individual #1 for this remember.

      What Russia has to do with hush money payments to a porn star, I have no idea.


  8. Given that Cohen served hard time for this crime, how could they not at least indict Trump?

    1. @Xavier B And when he was the president you said he couldn’t be charged because he was the president. How bloody convenient.

    1. ​@jim perkins 😂🤣😂 You really think you said something meaningful there, don’t you? 🤡

  9. Jon Sale must have gone senile…!!! The witness for either the prosecutor or defense attorney need not to be an upstanding citizen.!!! This is the case of two Criminals/Co-conspirators (Michael Cohen and Don the Con). The fact that Michael Cohen has already been convicted would not render his testimony as being invalid !!! The testimony of Co-Conspirator is often the most important factor in convicting his accomplice.

    1. Exactly! As many career prosecutors will tell you, they’d love to have a busload of nuns as corroborating witnesses, but instead they end up with whoever the criminal chose to have around him as witnesses. I recently heard one prosecutor talking about how he’d gotten convictions using a witness who had pled guilty to 12 murders!

  10. The only things that matter are the facts, evidence, the law and testimony under oath – if that leads to Trumps indictment – then so be it!

    1. IF you listened to what Costello said, you’d know that the case against Trump is very weak, but then we’re dealing with a very corrupt judicial system in NY.

  11. Jon Sale is also the same guy who came up with the idea of asking Special Master for the Top Secret Documents at Mar a Lago…!!!..Jon Sale advised Trump lawyers to ask for Special Master on Ari’s show on MSNBC…!!!..He refused to be Trump Lawyer because he is too old and was worried not to get paid. Otherwise, he did his best to undermine the DOJ case regarding the Top Secret Documents.

  12. I think you should definitely equate a lawyer with his clients If that lawyer will take large amounts of money to defend an obvious career criminal.

  13. How could it not be a case if falsified documents , paid to keep a affair secret and to top it off the lawyer went to jail and so should he

    1. ​@jim perkins Who’s crying except the MAGAts who have been melting down about Trump getting indicted?

  14. No matter what Jon Sale says, it is still very odd that Costello’s memory returns a few years later on the eve of Trump indictment.. strange..

  15. So some guy , goes in front of the courts and he didn’t want to answer specific questions , he just wants to answer what he wants and then he gets to go on camera and spew some more .

  16. When rancor, grudge unrighteoudness, ambition mix together then the man will lose themselves face, personality, honours, conscience, morals , realization ( something is wrong , something is right )without shame . They only think about their aim even if they do wicked, pitiless deeds like robbers and thieves but the last they return with two empty hands when the undertaker calls their name . The truth will repay for the truth for the righteous man.

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