1. The smartest thing Biden ever said was when asked if he would rather run against Trump or DeSantis “I don’t care but I am going to enjoy watching them tear each other apart.”. 😂😂😂

  2. The victims of the train disaster are going to ask Trump for emergency money and he’s going to have to say that he can’t help because he’s not president anymore.

    1. No, but his Winners have, they will send Orange a few Million to cover travel costs and meals which will be Russian Vodka and a night in his private penthouse that Putine designed just for the two of them.

    2. I’m asking the same question I’m glad someone else has some comprehension of what happened in this horrible accident

    3. @royston mason I have heard about it from the media, but I don’t watch Fox which I doubt would mention what Trump did cutting regulations.

    1. @brneydgrl1 Mine too! I thought to say that in response to some grumpytrumpy comments above, but… I let it go. Glad Kalani didn’t.

    1. @Sean’s Model Builds political offices attract narcissistic personalities and the criminally minded. The scary part is it attracts the intelligent end of the sociopathic spectrum because they can exert power over others without all the pesky consequences that average minded sociopaths suffer. It’s the same thing as more intelligent aggressive and violent personalities joining law enforcement and more intelligent psychopathic personalities becoming surgeons. They are smart enough to realize they can pressure their deviant urges in relative safety. It’s a cover they can just say “I was only doing my job” when in fact they are doing the same things criminals do, just with a safety net and camouflage. Now mind you it’s far from ALL people in these positions. There will always be more cops, politicians, and surgeons with good intentions and normal psyches than there will be those with evil intent. But the ones with both EVIL intent & higher intelligence will always seek out one of these jobs because it allows them to follow their evil urges without scrutiny or consequence.

  3. Jimmy Carter….So glad you sent out prayers etc for him.
    Good man.
    Many of these new politicians could learn a lot from him .
    They are too focused on JFK Jr sightings and personal confirmation bias.

    1. @wamblue what would he be charged with? Beating Trump by seven million votes. Trump got trounced. It was a blowout. A shellacking. Insurmountable. You ought to be embarrassed.

    2. @Trump is going to prison  what would you charge someone that is to uphold the constitution but is in actuality, anti constitutional… treason maybe?

    3. @Trump is going to prison hey, if he really got 80 million ballots, why is the bidens approval rating lower than whale crap…?

    4. @wamblue a lot more people voted against Trump than voted for Biden. America fired the whiny con man crybaby. Fox said they knew Trump supporters were morons. You are proving them right.

    5. @Trump is going to prison  your funny… and you can’t answer the simple question… with 80 million ballots, why is the senile Biden ratings in the crapper… answer me that soy-boy…try to stay on topic… soy-boy

  4. Trump was always a petty bully, is still a petty bully and will always be a petty bully. For some incomprehensible reason there are people who find that character trait in a human being and even president extremely attractive

  5. I hope the residents of Ohio give dumpo hell for the rolling back those restrictions that were on the railway braking systems!!!!

    1. @Multisymptomrelief – Wanna know about pure blood? Dumber than a stump and probably about as tall! Must be all that “pureblood inbreeding” 🤭😅🤣

  6. Instead of listening to applause TFG claps at, and for himself. Kind of like a seal does. It’s irritating to watch him on stage clapping at himself. Rolling back Obama railroad safety standards that could have prevented this isn’t something to clap at, but he will.

  7. When he’s in Palestine, Ohio, I hope one of the residents there asks him why he rolled back the Obama safety regulation on mandatory brake system upgrades for trains when he was president

    1. ​@FranklinHuh? What?
      The Orange President was in the office until almost exactly two years ago.
      He was all about Deregulation.
      The current President has been in office for almost exactly two years.
      What you wrote is not correct, but also doesn’t make sense.

    2. ​@Franklin u realize trump ruined America and promoted racism. All ultra whites love Trump for hating females, blacks, and immigrants

  8. “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” – Mark Twain.

    1. @Franklin Do you even know what “…Trump obsession is” it’s automatic grifting him monthly, supporting and believing a criminal, going to jail for him, pay for his lies, and etc., isn’t it⁉️ 🤣😂 “It’s 2023” and the corrupted fraudster is running again‼️ How much fun will ‘dumb and dumber’ have at GOP circus… was it caucus⁉️ 🤣😂

    2. @Robin Justice He was already a ‘stable genius (“idiot”)’ before 2016‼️ Just look at how GOP/MAGA FASCISTS selected Trump, Santos, Desatan, Gaetz, MTG, Boebert, Jordan, Johnson, and etc. and how they just ‘… fell in love’ with dictators, fascists, sociopaths, compossive liars, fraudsters, criminals, cons, hypocrites, racists, and etc., isn’t it⁉️

  9. The guy who wanted to deregulate everything is going to the one place that has suffered the most from that exact deregulation. This should be interesting.

    1. You are correct however, a bunch of MAGits will show up to meet the Trump train regardless. Doesn’t make sense.

    2. these are the same people that wanted millions of gallons of canadas crude oil running hundreds of miles across their state.

  10. wait, trump isn’t going to call descants meatball ron anymore? but that was the only policy trump came up with that i agreed with! i’ve had the meatball ron song from the colbert show stuck in my head for a week now!

  11. Maybe he’ll throw more paper towels and his 3rd wife can wear a jacket that says, “I don’t care do you”

  12. Well I’m pretty sure those people in Puerto Rico never forgot that situation when he threw paper at them🤔

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