Trump Border Policy Hit As ‘Nexus Of Cruelty And Incompetence’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Sen. Mazie Hirono and Sen. Tim Kaine speak out after touring a detention facility in Texas.
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Trump Border Policy Hit As 'Nexus Of Cruelty And Incompetence' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Congress must pass a bill for Mandatory IQ test and Psychological Evaluation of President & Senate Republicans because Narcissism is a serious and dangerous Mental Illness. Putin didn’t expect this in his wildest dreams.

    1. Democrat/Socialist following in the footsteps of the USSR
      It was Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, the infamous sidekick of Stalin, who said, “SHOW ME THE MAN AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE CRIME”.

  2. The pos criminal says, “ICE does not have the lawful authority to say anybody is or is not a citizen.” All he’s doing is admitting that those pos criminals never had any right to arrest anyone, in the first place. Those racist fu¢ktards are the only things on the planet that deserve to be subjected to the conditions they’re inflicting on innocent people.

  3. How can this be allow when Americans wants to get involved in other countries policys Kid treating kids like animals Karma will find those reaponsibles.

  4. Your 1% owners don’t give a $hit about you or your children, why would you think they care about the unknown. Like Barr said it so rightfully, he’s going to die. Now bow down and take your mark, so we can finish your time.

    1. Lina Love AZ – standards were probably in place, unfortunately it’s incompetence, prejudice and malice that ensures that they are not met

    1. Fake news. Most of the illegal immigrants are here for economic opportunities, they are NOT fleeing from danger. Look at the facts.

  5. I refuse to listen to people who were totally fine with it when Obama did it. This is fake outrage that could be solved by these people coming in legally like millions of other immigrants.

    1. It’s fair to say it was happening under Obama and when the Democrats get in control they’ll forget about it.

      But I think it’s a crime the way we are treating these migrants it would cost way less it take care of them.
      And I also think they’re really refugees most of them from our “spreading democracy” in South and Central America.
      We gave billions to the Honduras military and they turn their weapons on their government now they’re the main source of refugees

    2. I was protesting against the wars when Bush was in office. Then most of the rest of the protesters quit showing up when Obama got elected.
      Nothing really changed then as soon as the Republican gets elected the protesters show up again

    3. It’s a scam for the politically connected to get money from the government $800 a day for each refugee

    4. @Audie Obama didn’t do anything to stop the coup in Honduras a main source of the refugees showing up at our border.
      And we also threw out the government of Libya.
      A main source of refugees in Europe

  6. Reassigned? Oh good keep him around so UN Hague tribunal court can get him later, after trump is out.

  7. You know when the only answer the Donald has is ” what about Obama*? Is so unprofessional, and the treatment was NEVER like this, losing children sending parents back without them is flat out cruel & unjust, inhumane.

  8. So here is one simple solution. If you wanted to impeach potus then you should have did so immediately. Then you would get either a yes or no answer. Then give the millions to these people and they would be at Disneyland. Take it literally.

  9. The Democrats control Congress they can cut off funding for the Border Patrol, ICE, the Department of Homeland Security, and the military.
    Do we have a civilian control government or not it doesn’t look like it

    1. but the real question is why do the Democrats want to cut off Border patrol and homeland security for us Americans when they are lucky we allowed them to Immigrate here at all but they don’t want to keep us safe now that they are here in our country? why not?

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